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May 2, 2018

We’re still trying to get used to calling Pluko by his new moniker, having been fans of the Pittsburgh production whiz’s bedazzling concoctions for a long time whilst he was known as Pluto. The artist, who’s now signed to visionary label Foreign Family Collective, has teamed up with husky voiced singer songwriter MOONZz on a stunning new song named ‘asleep’. The dusky late night ballad seems to transport us straight into our darkest dreams, where our deepest desires reside. ‘asleep’ leaves us breathless with its tensely haunting, darkly churning future bass. It’s a slow burner of an atmospheric gem, one that leaves a more than lasting impression after its last poignant notes fade into the distance. Purchase/stream via alternate outlets, here.

April 3, 2018

Last month, Finnish duo Pole Siblings took us to misty mountain tops and over mystical lakes with their ethereal song Carve. Now, just as the pair are about to set loose their new EP, 

Sköljer Bort Dig, invite us on a windswept journey across dark tundras, roiling oceans, and jagged cliffs with How Low, instead. A suspenseful edge embellishes their dramatically gripping, yet beautifully billowing alt pop. It’s a striking and riveting synth turbulent return, mired in palpable pain and despair. Sköljer Bort Dig arrives this Friday via STrangers Candy, pre-order digitally on Bandcamp, here.

March 28, 2018

RL Grime sheds some of that grime on a beautifully crisp and crystalline stirring original named I Wanna Know, and he’s linked up with Grammy-winning Pittsburgh starlet Daya on the track, too. While some of our usual favorite tracks from the Los Angeles based producer are raucous jarring bonanzas, there’s no denying the immaculate beauty of the thrilling synth arpeggios and cinematic soundscape found on his new soaring single. Plus, there are still plenty of swervy twists to keep us on our toes (though I swear it feels like my toes aren’t touching the ground when I’m caught up in this exultant track). Watch RL Grime’s lyric video for the song below, and snag the immense track from iTunes, here.

February 21, 2018

There really isn’t any “doing it better” when it comes to this  new future bass and future R&B anthem from DNMO. The young English wunderkind, who we’ve been following along with ever since the producer gave us his defiant and exhilarating edit of MOONZz’ Wonder over a year ago (when he was only 15!), is back and he’s brought Swedish-Iranian siren Ayelle and smooth swooner Sub Urban with him, too. Dark droning, ominous whirring Do It Better is a phenomenal canvas of guttural stirring, metallic edged sound. I can only imagine hearing the track live on top notch speakers. You’d feel ever bass rumble in your chest, every synth thrust melting away your face. Ayelle and Sub Urban’s vocals intertwine to perfection. They dance their own tumultuous dance around each other within DNMO’s restless and turbulent soundscape. Do It Better is available via all major platforms, here.

February 20, 2018

It’s vindicating to see Los Angeles based Stanford alum K.Flay getting all the attention she deserves these days, including much warranted Grammy nominations for Best Rock Song and Best Engineered Album. As long time fans of Kristine Flaherty and her unique combination of hip hop, alt pop, and rock, usually intensely searing and immensely gripping, we can’t help but celebrate her latest accomplishments. We’ve experience that intensity live countless times, and we’re super stoked to see her bringing it all to the official soundtrack for the new Tomb Raider movie, too. Run For Your Life is her vehement scorching contribution to said soundtrack, an intensive thriller of an electrifying anthem. It’s explosive dynamite packed into her most cinematic track to date. Tomb Raider will be out in theaters come March 16th. K.Flay is out on a massive world tour through July, details can be found, here.

January 31, 2018

California producer Xan Griffin continues to take us on a magical journey through all the astrological signs with his latest collaboration, a track named Capricorn featuring Los Angeles’ WOLFE on guest production duties. I can’t say I’m well versed in zodiac signs, though I seem an accurate Libra myself, but Capricorn stands tall and strong, just like the sign’s description seems to imply is inherent to people who are born under its dates. Xan Griffin’s Capricorn is a grand and adamant electronic track with high flying, raw impassioned vocals and a chord progression that leads us towards adrenaline pumping heights of triumphant bliss. It’s a twisted dark fantasy, a beautiful and theatrical voyage of enlightenment in an unmerciful world. The track’s dubstep inspired bass warbles churn tempestuously, like an electrified storm bursting with potent energy. You may your own way in this world, as Capricorn’s more than exultant velour emphasizes. Download the track for free, here, and listen to prior chapters in this fascinating astrological series on Soundcloud, here.

December 19, 2017

I hope you took our advice earlier this year and engulfed the edgy electro pop and spunky alt pop found on Transviolet’s sophomore EP Kaleidoscopes. We’ve shared many a striking gem from the Los Angeles based band, lead by charismatic vocalist Sarah McTaggart, and today, we get to revisit EP track Pretty Head now that they’ve revealed a new video for the electro charged, darkly cinematic ballad. Per usual, Transviolet has offered up an ace visual accompaniment for the track, whose eerie twisted Poltergeist-like atmosphere strongly befits Pretty Head’s fierce dramatic, shadowy haunting electro pop. Kaleidoscopes is available from iTunes, here.

October 11, 2017

There’s no possible way you won’t be utterly mesmerized once you dive into this stunning acoustic video from Chappell Roan, a 19 year old singer songwriter from Missouri. Her voice is sensational. It’s deep set and husky, yet pristine pure, and it emits such exquisite poignancy on her intoxicating pop aria, Bad For You. It’s a dark listen, not unlike a smokier version of London Grammar, dripping in melancholy but resonating with power. The grandiose gripping, superbly cinematic original, which you can stream below, comes off of her new EP. You can stream/purchase Chappell Roan’s School Nights EP, here.

August 8, 2017

An enigmatic musician and actor who goes by the name of Boy Epic had us thoroughly captivated with his incendiary sound earlier this year when he released his genre defying single Kanye’s In My Head then followed it up with an EP entitled Everything’s Strange. The Dallas based talent, who’s known for his seamlessly merging film and music, continues to prove himself a noir-pop sensation with new single and video Up Down. Boy Epic, who’s inspired by the likes of Christopher Nolan and Depeche Mode, certainly bring both the director’s cinematic magnificence and the band’s dark vibrancy to his new song and its uniquely entrancing visuals. To say tense ticking, orchestral lush Up Down is grandiose is an understatement. Its video, which Boy Epic animated himself, was crafted frame-by-frame to give it that old-school, stop motion animation feel. 

“The video tells a story of a young boy stuck in time trying to be with the love of his life, while the lyrics play the narrative, the devil is in the details,“ he comments. Up Down is an electrifying and gripping alt package that brings rock, electronica, and pop altogether at once, evoking bands like Missio, Linkin Park, and AWOLNATION in the process. The single is available, here.

July 14, 2017

Just as we had so ardently hoped, the string of new songs we’ve been gleefully embracing from Hundred Waters in the past couple of months were signs of an impending new album. The Florida based art rock and experimental electronic trio announced Communicating today, and the full length is set to arrive on September 14th. Hundred Waters has also shared a new single from the album named Blanket Me, and it’s a cathartic hymnal, to say the least. Nicole Miglis’ ever evocative vocals lead us through a piano driven, intense gripping soundscape lit up with a crescendo of emotion. I nearly need to gasp for breath as the song nears its closure, Blanket Me is that compelling and powerful a listen. Blanket Me is available from major retailers, here. We’ll be on the hunt for more updates regarding Communicating, including pre-ordering links, of course.