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May 2, 2018

DC-based duo CUTTS was a more than fortuitous find from my daily music discovery adventures. It only took a few seconds for me to know the pair’s new single The Way Out is not only phenomenal, but it’s just the kind of atmospheric indietronica and alt pop that renders my heart total mush. Take a listen and tell me this somberly stirring, beautifully windswept single isn’t deeply affecting. Perhaps that’s why the band’s name is CUTTS, they cut through our heart like a knife through butter with their push and pull of this exquisitely poignant song. Slivers of R I T U A L’s dark evocative, mournful haunting songs and some of Daughter’s ethereal grandeur course through The Way Out. The truth is, we never want to find our way out of this stunning world that CUTTS has drawn us into. With my curiosity piqued and my affection sparked, I made sure to delve into CUTTS’ previous releases. Stream Entertain Me below, a potent and cinematic extension of the stately eloquence found on The Way Out, but more urgent and intense. The Way Out is available via Toneden, here.

April 12, 2018

UK trio LOWES took my breath away when they debuted last year with Awake At Night. The exquisite grace and gliding elegance of that ambient pop song reminded us of the spotless purity of London Grammar’s music, as well as Hannah Reid’s immaculately angelic vocals. It’s taken a full year for LOWES to follow up that first release, but they’ve finally re-emerged with Here We Are, a cathartic soaring beauty that vindicates our conviction that LOWES is a magnificent band. 

Speaking on the track, the band state: “’Here We Are’ is about those times when you force yourself to stop for a moment, and recognise just where you are in a certain time and place. It felt like the perfect song for us to introduce ourselves, and our first EP, to the world. It’s about the calm and the wildness you feel when immersed in nature.” What’s that? A first EP? We’ll be looking forward to it with much eagerness! Get a taste of all four tracks from debut EP Elements in LOWES’ film, Norway, below. 

April 12, 2018

A full, long year has passed since we first encountered AMES, a Los Angeles singer songwriter who entranced us with her deep, husky vocals and her dusky ethereal soundscape on Harder. She quickly reminds us why we were so enamored with that song by releasing her first single of the year, a beautifully swelling, emotive heaving, and regal sweeping dark pop song named Old Hero. Center stage is that magnetic voice, surrounded by a rich cinematic world of soaring instrumentals and stalwart drums. It’s a recipe that reminds us of another favorite starlet of ours, Chappell Roan, with some of Rae Morris’ pop sophistication. Stream AMES’ prior singles on Soundcloud, here.

April 3, 2018

Last month, Finnish duo Pole Siblings took us to misty mountain tops and over mystical lakes with their ethereal song Carve. Now, just as the pair are about to set loose their new EP, 

Sköljer Bort Dig, invite us on a windswept journey across dark tundras, roiling oceans, and jagged cliffs with How Low, instead. A suspenseful edge embellishes their dramatically gripping, yet beautifully billowing alt pop. It’s a striking and riveting synth turbulent return, mired in palpable pain and despair. Sköljer Bort Dig arrives this Friday via STrangers Candy, pre-order digitally on Bandcamp, here.

March 1, 2018

Earlier this year, Los Angeles based fast-rising starlet Kailee Morgue released her debut EP Medusa to much fanfare and love. Her recent lyric video for EP track Ghost Of Mine affords us the perfect chance to delve into the darkly cinematic pop song, propelled by her silvery and pure voice. Its soft prowling beats and spacious atmosphere do seem ghostly and haunted, but its plucky strings and a feisty undertone add a whimsicality and much fire to the track. Ghost Of Mine falls somewhere between Billie Eilish and Zella Day, but enveloped in a shadowy aura. And it’s absolutely enthralling. Kailee Morgue’s debut EP Medusa is available, here.

January 9, 2018

It boggles our minds how we let a fine new song from I AM WILLOW slip us by last month, but the classically trained singer songwriter’s Colourless is a beautifully cinematic electropop must. Regal clattering drums are accompanied by a lush orchestral arrangement on the phenomenal track about being true to yourself. Front and center are the Londoner’s exceptional vocals, which have a bold and fierce confidence to them alongside their flawless beauty. Colourless arrives with a captivating and inspiring music video. Colourless is the first in a series of songs Willow is releasing every 6 weeks for the next two years. We can’t wait to hear what’s next, which should be arriving soon, considering our belated share of this ravishing chapter of this expansive listening experience.  I AM WILLOW explains: “‘Colourless’ is about not being afraid to truly be myself without worrying about what others think. For way too long I made decisions based on what I thought others expected of me but I realised it was only leading me down an unhappy path. That’s when I took a step back, spent some time getting to know myself better and found a way to be the best person I can be. I still care what others think of me, but it doesn’t stop me for doing what feels right to me." 

November 14, 2017

NONONO seriously slayed 2013 with one of the best indie pop songs of that year, the unforgettably luminous Pumping Blood. The Swedish alt-pop troupe quickly became a powerhouse in the indie scene as they rode the momentum of that debut. In 2014, they gave us their first album, We Are Only What We Feel. These past couple of years have been a dry spell for us NONONO fans, so we’re definitely celebrating the band’s return with emotive new single Lost Song on Warner Music Sweden. The Stockholm trio wax melodic on this endearing new anthem, which sports some cutting edge electronic production alongside its cinematic keys and pearly pop. Speaking about the new single, singer Stina explains, “The song is about losing and regaining trust in life. Having the cornerstones of my belief system crushed but finding trust in the basics of being, like being a tree or the way a child just is. To me this is a very powerful and healing feeling and I hope it can reach and translate to anyone who is listening.” Stream/download this single, here.

November 2, 2017

Monumental Men is a new super-group of sorts from Switzerland. The trio involves members of both Round Table Knights and alt-folk band Patrick Bishop. You could say their debut offering is truly “monumental” as it’s a grand exultant, cinematic brooding electronic and ambient pop opus. Navigate guides us on an epic and intense journey, one bursting with determination in the face of trepidation and human vulnerability through hardship. It’s a song worthy of the big screen of a movie theater, during a film’s most darkly gripping moments, when you’re rooting for the protagonist in a strenuous battle, whether emotional or physical. Solemn and melancholic, starkly riveting and austerely exultant Navigate is a stupendous introduction to this electronic outfit, plus it reminds me of both Woodkid and Phoria, two projects we much adore. Monumental Men says of their debut: “Navigate is our call to arms, our opening scene, our first wave – timid and proud at the same time. With Navigate, we leave the familiar behind and step into a sensational vastness. Keep exploring with us.” Navigate is available from Bandcamp, here.

November 1, 2017

‘Trust’ seems a precarious topic these days, particularly in light of our current political landscape and all the fear mongering, lies, and alternative facts being slung around on the daily. It’s obvious, however, that we can truly trust Australian singer Sophie Lowe when it comes to exceptionally bewitching, gorgeously affecting indie/alt pop. The chanteuse recently released her first new single since 2015′s EP2, and Trust is a breathtaking cinematic beauty, raw and heartfelt, despairingly moody yet lushly ethereal. Re-visit Sophie Lowe’s prior EPs and singles on Soundcloud, here.

October 13, 2017

I definitely had my Archie Comics loving days as a young girl, yet I haven’t found time to watch hit television series Riverdale, which was inspired by Archie. My curiosity is piqued even more now, thanks to this gorgeous song inspired by Riverdale. Ciele, a singer songwriter from Vancouver, wrote the song with the plot from the TV show in mind. She crafted the poignant ballad so that its lyrics would weave in and out of the show’s storyline. Sweet Water River’s stringy lush instrumentation amplifies the song’s dark and moody atmosphere. It’s a melancholic longing, deeply heartrending aria, with tender keys and beautifully limber vocals that evoke R I T U A L and Mononoke’s haunting cinematics, but with a silvery and balletic stroke. Ciele’s Sweet Water River is available from various outlets, here. A lyric video accompanies the song below.