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February 21, 2018

It’s been a moment since the last time we heard from one of our long time production favorites, Sweater Beats, whom we had the pleasure of dancing to and chatting with the last time he was in town at the legendary Fillmore last fall. You can catch our interview with the esteemed producer, here. Any length of time without some new Sweater Beats in our lives is far too excruciatingly long. So, we’re utterly overjoyed that he’s finally returned with a glorious new remix. MAX has been a ubiquitous name in the music scene this past year, whether as a guest vocalist, or as one half of Party Pupils, or on his own solo releases. The New Yorker left us melting into the floor with his moody simmering ballad Meteor late last year, and now Sweater Beats has transformed the track into an urgent and intense, dark and cinematic future bass anthem rippling with booming bass, jagged percussion, and heart-stopping drops. We know that Sweater Beats is quite the chameleon shape-shifter from all the different types of music he’s given us over the years. His new remix of MAX’s Meteor serves as a striking reminder that we can expect a fresh flurry of immensely gratifying and unpredictably compelling releases this year. Stream/purchase Sweater Beats’ remix via major platforms, here.

February 1, 2018

[PREMIERE] Minno – Blackout ft. Shel Bee

Minno, the production sensation from the East Coast whose fed us a steady diet of phenomenal remixes and originals this past year, nearly plays mind tricks on us with his new original. Mystery and intrigue abound on future bass/melodic trap anthem Blackout. The darkly winding track takes us on a metaphysical voyage, one that defies the very confines of our mind. Reality and dream, nightmare and illusion fade and blur into one another indistinctly. Los Angeles’ Shel Bee leads us on the suspenseful journey with her smoky operatic vocals, guiding us through Minno’s bold and lavish soundscape. Like the very fish (minnow) that this producer seems to have named himself after, we swim and dive, twist and turn through this ocean of brisk swelling synths and deep rumbling, guttural gripping bass. It’s almost disorienting dissolving into this dark ballad, but in a deeply satisfying way. Some might find a “blackout” rather perturbing, but when it’s a grand and theatrical, intense and gripping sonic experience like what’s Minno meticulously crafted for our ears, it becomes a thrilling enlightenment, a visceral yet insightful trip through our own heads. You can also stream Minno’s inky opaque, weighty ominous song of bewitchment via Spotify, here. For more of Minno’s production bedazzlement, visit his Soundcloud page, here.

January 31, 2018

California producer Xan Griffin continues to take us on a magical journey through all the astrological signs with his latest collaboration, a track named Capricorn featuring Los Angeles’ WOLFE on guest production duties. I can’t say I’m well versed in zodiac signs, though I seem an accurate Libra myself, but Capricorn stands tall and strong, just like the sign’s description seems to imply is inherent to people who are born under its dates. Xan Griffin’s Capricorn is a grand and adamant electronic track with high flying, raw impassioned vocals and a chord progression that leads us towards adrenaline pumping heights of triumphant bliss. It’s a twisted dark fantasy, a beautiful and theatrical voyage of enlightenment in an unmerciful world. The track’s dubstep inspired bass warbles churn tempestuously, like an electrified storm bursting with potent energy. You may your own way in this world, as Capricorn’s more than exultant velour emphasizes. Download the track for free, here, and listen to prior chapters in this fascinating astrological series on Soundcloud, here.

February 17, 2017

Simply put, I’d love to live wherever ILIVEHERE. lives, if I get to listen to the producer’s spectacular sonic concoctions all the time in doing so. The electronic auteur actually lives in Holland, so perhaps my aspiration seems a bit out of reach. For now, I’ll close my eyes and lose myself in ILIVEHERE.’s breathtaking new original, Coming Home, and pretend I’m traveling across a vast and beautiful world as I ride the majestic waves emitting from this magnificent opus. ILIVEHERE. fills me with wonder and makes everything seem imaginable and possible with his cathartic lifting, cinematic moving melodic bass. You can download Coming Home for free, here. For another awe inspiring soundscape, dive into ILIVEHERE.’s remix of San Holo’s Light below. I think I’ve found a new favorite producer. 

November 18, 2016

Aside from a uniquely filmed and much riveting official music video that just dropped for The Chainsmokers hit All We Know, featuring breathy enchanting Phoebe Ryan, a seriously magnificent remix also surfaced this week. Even before listening to Said The Sky’s remix, I knew this one was going to stand out from the thousands of The Chainsmokers remixes that seem to be hovering about us at any given time of day. The well loved melodic bass producer from Colorado exhibits his masterful grasp on cinematic stirring aural magic with his windswept beauty of a remix. It’s a rather refreshing landscape to float upon, one with ambient shifting, timeless drifting qualities that brings out the ponderous and meditative side of All We Know. If you haven’t caught the video for the original yet, watch below.

November 10, 2016

I near choked on my coffee this morning when I saw an ECHOS and Seven Lions collaboration surface on my radar, I was that agitated with excitement. It was but a few Fridays ago that I eagerly caught ECHOS’ San Francisco debut at Popscene to learn how spectacularly rousing their music can truly be in person. The fact that this incredible Portland duo has partnered up with venerated melodic bass producer Seven Lions was the best spirit lifting news to arrive in a rather unfortunately glum election week. It comes as no surprise that ECHOS’ emotively exquisite, atmospheric heartrending electronica pairs gorgeously with Seven Lions’ production. Cold Skin is cavernous and expansive, yet intimately tender and stirring. Lexi’s exceptional voice lifts us to cathartic apexes while Seven Lions’ cinematic production packs in those endless infinite feels. Trust me, you’ll be hard pressed to find another electronic aria as moving as this one right now. Cold Skin is out now on Monstercat. Grab it from iTunes.