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May 17, 2017

I don’t know what kind of “doctrine” this mysterious new collective from Los Angeles is planning to teach us, but whatever it is, sign me up, I’m already a true believer! One “play” of Doctrine’s debut single left me with my jaw wide open in disbelief. The project involving a chorale ensemble named SACRA/PROFANA is described as a hybrid between choral music and indie pop. Their first song Play is a polyphonic masterpiece, a multi-layered electro hymnal that evokes the baroque artistry of San Fermin, Dirty Projectors, and Son Lux. It comes accompanied by a visual piece which you can watch below. Those of you in Southern California have the lucky opportunity to catch this enigmatic collective live when they play Gallery 1988 (West) on Saturday. Purchase tickets, here. My curiosity has been piqued sky high, and I’ll be awaiting any reports of how the show goes as well as more innovative music from Doctrine. 

July 14, 2016

Today’s an epic day. And I believe many of you might already know why. Today, Justice revealed their first new single in five long years. We’ve been waiting. We’ve been waiting what feels like an eternity. And it was well worth the fidgeting, the hoping, the restlessness. Safe And Sound, which the world had a preview of when Ed Banger’s Pedro Winter (Busy P) dropped the track during his set at Sonar, is completely and wholly glorious. Safe And Sound is an electro disco house opera, an intensive retro funk and chorale levitating spectacular. I want to hold my hands up to the sky and sing spiritual praises to Justice. Nile Rodgers would also be very satisfied with the plucky strings on this jam. Could Safe And Sound be the first first material in a flurry of new tunes? Could there be a new Justice album on its way, and a new tour? Patience, my friends. Patience. Download Safe And Sound, here:

November 24, 2015

It’s a moodier, more glum world of indie rock that surrounds us on Manchester band MONEY’s beautiful single I’ll Be The Night. The folk and chorale imbued gem is the second single from the quartet’s sophomore album Suicide Songs, due out January 29th via Bella Union. Stirring harmonies, raw vocals, and morose lament move mountains on the lonesome yet tenacious song. The lead single revealed from Suicide Songs is also a spectacularly mournful treat. Stream You Look Like A Sad Painting On Both Sides Of The Sky below, and stew in more of the aching sadness and beautiful strings of MONEY. Pre-order Suicide Songs on iTunes.

August 1, 2012

Sticking with the minimalistic, hollowed, poignant, raw, melancholic music, I give you London artist Sam Howard, aka Halls. His new song is titled White Chalk, and it’ll be off his debut album Ark. Ark drops October 15 in the UK. Unlike Perfume Genius, there’s more electronic and percussion to his music. In fact, at moments, this song reminded me of James Blake’s work, particularly his more vocal and choir-like tracks. Halls certainly sounds like he’s from South London. That’s where Blake originated too, as well as many other minimalist post-dubstep producers and musicians. Halls took inspiration for White Chalk from Mozart’s Ave Varum Corpus hymn, so the choral, gothic qualities make perfect sense. 

OFFICIAL VID: Hooray For Earth – Realize It’s Not The Sun

January 11, 2012

Hooray For Earth’s Realize It’s Not The Sun is off their 2011 debut album True Love. They’ve come up with an official video for the single utilizing old NYC traffic feeds. It’s rather random, but interesting. I introduced the New York band a couple months ago with the title track off their album True Love, which was a great specimen of synthy noise electro rock. Realize It’s Not The Sun is a quieter one, utilizing various interesting sounds including a more chorale like, solemn background placed in juxtaposition with dreamy, melodic vocals. It works very well!

Skrillex Orchestral Suite

December 29, 2011

Wow, what the heck? I just saw that Skrillex uploaded this on his official youtube channel. It’s an orchestral suite by Varien. Not too clear on who or what that is, but I clicked play, and it really is an orchestral suite of Skrillex songs. This is awesome! Here’s the times and tracks within the suite:

Intro [0:00 – 0:45]
With You, Friends – Skrillex [0:46-1:41]
Scatta – Skrillex [1:42-1:59]
Equinox (First of the Year) – Skrillex [2:04-3:19]
All I Ask Of You – Skrillex [3:20 – 4:36]
Interlude – Skrillex [4:36 – 5:14]
Scary Monsters & Nice Sprites – Skrillex [5:15 – 6:54]

For some reason it greatly reminds me of RPG video game music. What an incredibly different and classic take on Skrilly’s dubstep work!