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June 7, 2017

OMW is the latest bubbly infectious, chiptune prismatic charmer from Arizona production duo 2ToneDisco, who offer up far more than disco or a couple of tones with their music. The brisk prancing, effulgent flickering future bass and electro jam brings me back to my old gaming days, when I used to spend endless hours in pixelated heaven on my Super Famicon and Nintendo NES consoles. 2ToneDisco brings back the carefree joy of that youth with OMW, which is a free download, here.

May 8, 2017

Fluorescent enchantment abounds as it always does when we dive into Marshmello’s latest single Moving On. The incognito production bigwig offers up a chipper whirlwind of bright choppy euphoria with his frothy whizzing, candy coated earworm. The whimsical nature of the vocal melody heavily reminds me of Matt and Kim, so much so that I initially wondered if Marshmello had sampled one of their songs. Moving On is kind of like Matt and Kim gone effervescent future trap on us. Moving On arrives with the usual tongue-in-cheek sort of Marshemello music video, complete with comedic jabs at certain colleagues in the industry. Stream the video below. Snag Moving On as a single from major outlets, here.

April 22, 2017

An inordinate amount of No Money remixes have been popping up lately, but that doesn’t mean we shouldn’t keep an ear out for the fine concoctions. As the work day wraps up and I prepare for the evening’s events, I’m more than grateful for Far Out’s fizzy foaming, zippy playful remix. The Chicago based producer gives us a jolting, whizzing remix of Galantis’ No Money that ventures far into the hyper surreal. This frenetic dizzying treat and its maniacal future beats is highly addictive, in a Porter and Shawn Wasabi meets PC Music manner. Download the remix for free, here.

March 26, 2017

I’m loving what Demo Taped has done with a couple of Sylvan Esso’s red hot singles from the beloved North Carolina duo’s upcoming album What Now, easily one of my most highly anticipated records of the moment. The 19 year old producer from Atlanta has given both Radio and Kick Jump Twist extra texture with his whimsical makeovers. They take me right back to my old Nintendo gaming days. His Radio remix is a nimble bouncing, larkish flittering treat. Demo Taped whimsical future bass remix of Kick Jump Twist is no different. It skitters, shuffles, and skips with plenteous spaciousness for your best pop and lock moves. Find Demo Taped Kick Jump Twist remix below. You can also stream his Radio remix off of Soundcloud below, too. Sylvan Esso’s sophomore album What Now will be out on April 28th.

January 24, 2017

Dutch producer Robby East offers up a crisp airy remix of his own frisky, summery house aria Leap Of Faith on this gleaming VIP. The rising electronic artist decided to give the buoyant leaping jam a chill makeover, painting over Leap Of Faith with a dreamy melodic future electro finish sure to appeal to fans of k?d and Porter Robinson. It’s a fanciful and whimsical adventure that we’re taken on by this bright eyed charmer. Visit the original, here, and download the VIP, here.

December 8, 2016

Manic and melodic indeed is Melodymania, a thriller of a new electronic anthem from Norwegian duo Pegboard Nerds. The energetic marching spectacular takes me back to my old raving days with its berserk bouncing, pixelated quivering bombast. Progressive house and trance fuse as one. My own “melodymania” is quickly exposed by Pegboard Nerds as I unwittingly get pulled into a roiling ocean of irrational exuberance and joy. Suddenly, all I want to do is hop around with bright glow sticks for the rest of the night. Melodynamia is the latest single from Pegboard Nerds’ forthcoming #NerdsByNature EP, out on Monstercat come January 13th. Pre-order, here.

October 3, 2015

It’s buoyant, springy, chiptune energy galore on a colorful remix of Razihel’s sweeping Legends by Hyper Potions, a production duo made up of Kevin Villeco and SushiKiller. They give the song, which features a Los Angeles based synth and alt band I’m much fond of, TeamMate, a vibrantly soaring and vividly flashing future bass and progressive remix that befits the start of an epic weekend. Porter Robinson meets PC Music on the frothy fizzler. The remix is out on Monstercat, download on Soundcloud.

September 23, 2015

StéLouse returns with a new original named ‘85. It’s a futuristic chiptune, chill trap, and Jersey bounce work of dizzying splendor. The Colorado based producer has built a playfully bubbling, sanguinely pixelated confection that takes me back to my young days of video gaming bliss. Yes, I had an NES. To be accurate, I had a Super Famicon, so this short little treat brings it right back home for me. At a length of 1:41, I find it impossible not to hit the play button again as soon as ‘85 fades out, so I get to re-live those days, over and over again. Grab the springy, effervescent track on Bandcamp.

August 31, 2015

If you’re fond of florid electronic music of the most effervescent, bubbly type, then you might be a fan of 2ToneDisco, just like me! The production duo from Arizona recently dropped a dizzying burst of sonic resplendence named Television. Imagine watching the tube and swapping channels like mad, colors flashing, noises chopping in and out, images flickering in rapid succession. 2ToneDisco captures that on Television, by frenetically intermingling nu-disco, future bass, chiptune, and Jersey Club. Within all that is some of the most deliciously pumping horns. Television is a sugary dose of exhilarating caffeine that bounces with an exuberant dose of non-stop animation. I almost want to turn on my TV and start mashing buttons as I listen to the track. Television is a free download, here.

June 29, 2015


Let’s go on a fantastical, exciting journey with new Heroic Recordings signee WAQMEUP. The emerging Japanese producer combines 8 bit and chip-tune effects on his bubbly, frothy, and weightlessly springy My Favorite, a “Kawaii” electronic track that will certainly appeal to fans of acts such as Lido, Wave Racer, Shawn Wasabi, Porter Robinson, and much of the PC Music roster. Nowadays, we have such a wondrously proliferating anime, pop art, and video game inspired subset of future bass styled electronic music, and WAQMEUP is a prime example of how that sort of music can be both thrilling and brightly uplifting. My Favorite is a vibrant splash of bursting colors and a whirlwind dash of youthful nostalgia. The sparkling song is the expression of WAQMEUP’s coming of age experiences. My Favorite is available today on iTunes and Spotify.