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August 31, 2017

I was over the moon when feel good electronica purveyor Gryffin and melodic bass genius Illenium teamed up with Daya on their supermassive hit Feel Good. I was also overjoyed when plenty of amazing remixes of the song surfaced, as expected. A new electronic duo fresh on our radar from Tuscaloosa, Alabama have floored me with their recent take on the song. ZEWMOB, who describes themselves as a live electronic music experience comprised of two accomplished music producers Ryan Lee & Clay Woods, takes us on a breathtaking and mellifluous future bass adventure. They lift us from ambient introspection to the exhilarating expanse of the cosmos with the monumental edit’s spectacular ascent and lofty peaks. You can download their remix, here.

August 5, 2017

Tragic news of Chester Bennington’s passing hit the world hard. Many of us are still reeling from what happened and the painful reality of mental illness and suicide. It’s hard to believe that this incredible voice and talent has left us forever. The majority of our favorite artists, producers, and bands are all fans of Linkin Park, too. Some of them have paid tribute by recording remixes and covers, but I’ve found none as powerfully affecting and deeply stirring as this breathtaking cover of Linkin Park’s Shadow Of The Day by Portland chillstep/vocal bass duo Echos

Their dusky mournful, ethereal sprawling cover more than does justice to the Minutes to Midnight highlight, and its anguish and sadness seem more than heartfelt and sincere. Echo’s electronic cover brings us together, and as one, we grieve. Echos has given us a chance to heal, as well as reminded us we’re not alone. But we’ll never forget what Linkin Park and Chester gave us these past two decades. We carry that with us, in our hearts, in the new music we make or listen to, forevermore. As the cover ends, a soft tinkling melody instantaneously recognizable as In The End wafts gently into our ears. It’s a brilliant and exquisite addition that adds an extra layer of tender poignancy. 

Echos’ says of their cover:  “Like many of you, Linkin Park was one of the very first bands that we ever listened to. Hybrid Theory was the first album Tal ever owned. Memories of sitting in his room with his Sony Walkman listening to it repeat, it was the first album that got him through those difficult teenage years. It didn’t just inspire the music he would make but the type of artist he wanted to be – raw and honest. I used to steal my dad’s copy of Meteora just so I could blare it in my walkman on the bus each morning, mouthing every lyric as I slouched up against the cold seat. I felt like these poems were speaking to every part of my growing creative mind and I couldn’t get enough of them. Linkin Park shaped the way we write and create today and we wanted to create something that would allow us to grieve, reflect and heal. We recorded this cover in Tal’s apartment in two vocal takes and a couple of days of production as we wanted it to feel as intimate as possible in order to reflect what we were feeling when we decided to record it. We will be donating 100 percent of proceeds in coordination with Linkin Park’s team to a charity of their choice.”

You can stream Echos’ Shadow of the Day cover via Spotify, here.

July 30, 2017

The name Sewing Skylines to Shores paints a beautifully abstract and profoundly thought provoking image. I’ve never thought of the horizon as a seam, but Brooklyn alt electro four piece Iris Lune has certainly opened my eyes to a new way of taking in the skyline. They’ve also moved me deeply with their single, a lavish and cinematic, haunting and expressive electro pop and chillstep emulsion reminiscent of Portland’s ECHOS and now retired band Vaults. Grand and regal Sewing Skylines to Shores is the first single from the band’s forthcoming second EP, Lost In Chatter, due out this November. You can also stream this gorgeous song via Spotify, here.

July 24, 2017

As most of my friends well know, I’m an enormous fan of Canadian duo Purity Ring, having fallen hard for the pair’s dark trip hop, electronica, and synthpop since before IHM became such a huge part of my life. I was there for one of their first shows in San Francisco, at tiny little Bottom of the Hill years ago. As such, its no small news when Megan James and Corin Roddick release new music. In fact, its gargantuan news, if you ask me. Today is the five year anniversary of Purity Ring’s debut album Shrines. Just thinking of that album makes me sigh in adoration. To mark the occasion, and to thank their now countless fans, Purity Ring has released a new song and lyric video. Asido harkens back to songs like Bellispeak and Obedear with its glitchy trip hop and dark gothic synthpop. It also boasts plenty of those eloquent yet visceral, abstruse and poetic lyrics the band is well known and loved for. Instead of thanking us, we should be thanking you, Purity Ring, for all the deeply moving, inky entrancing music you’ve given us over the years. Asido is out on 4AD. Purchase/stream, here.

July 20, 2017

A graceful journey of an evocative electronic aria has been presented to us by Nemea, the very same Austrian producer who gave us opulent deep dance single Choice last month. Home ebbs and swells beautifully, like an ocean reflecting the moon and the stars on its dark reflective surface. Its lusciously refined vocals are turned in by a chanteuse named Lylli, who adds another level of elegance and mesmeric appeal to Nemea’s celestial opus. Home brims with sorrow and longing. It’s the final song on Nemea’s new EP, Tides, out now and available, here.

June 14, 2017

Late last year, the music gods smiled upon us and gave us an epic track that involves two projects that we love and respect very much here at IHM. They gave us Cold Skin, a cavernous and expansive yet tender and stirring melodic bass opus that unites Portland chillstep/vocal bass duo ECHOS with influential dubstep/electro producer Seven Lions. 24 hours ago, a spectacular six track remix pack was released for Cold Skin. I spent an extended amount of time enjoying all the tracks off the release, which opens with this majestic sweeping, emotionally supercharged remix by London’s Koven. His panoramic sprawling dubstep edit is an endless torrent of heart bursting feels. You can stream/download the new Cold Skin remix pack from major retailers, here. The rousing collection also features edits by Stonebank, V!RTU, Mr FijiWiji, and MiTiS. 

May 17, 2017

Those gifted Dutch producers are at it again, doling out shiver inducing beauty on a brilliant new original named Broken. DROELOE and San Holo team up on the dreamy future bass and chillstep aria, which features crystalline enchanting vocals by CUT_. I can’t help but picture wind chimes swaying in a soft entrancing, cool billowing breeze. If anything’s broken here, it’s me, into a million pieces by this heartrending gem. The effervescent electronic track is out on bitbird. You can also stream Broken on Spotify, here.

April 27, 2017

It’s hard for any collaboration involving ILLENIUM to go wrong, but it goes so immensely right when the Denver producer teams up with the likes of Estonian singer songwriter Kerli. The duo have put out a breathtaking aria named Sound of Walking Away, on which Kerli’s lofty soaring skyscraper pop meets ILLENIUM’s profoundly moving melodic bass halfway. Sound Of Walking Away is a cathartic journey, a liberating experience that will surely bring together massive arena crowds time and time again. Additional streaming options and purchasing opportunities available, here.

April 25, 2017

I dream a lot, whether I go to sleep after some intoxicating libations or not, and my dreams are always vivid and intricate. I wonder how much more intense and powerful they might be if I listened to Lenii’s Sober Dreams while slumbering tonight. The song, which Brooklyn by way of Ireland newcomer Lenii describes as being about listening to others and healing ourselves through ambition, is a crossover pop and chillstep jewel that will surely land Lenii on many tastemaker radars, whether they normally go for electro pop offerings or EDM concoctions. If XYLØ ventured deep into electronica waters or Jai Wolf and Phoebe Ryan were to collaborate, it might result in something like Sober Dreams. You can grab Lenii’s enchanting debut single for free, here.

April 6, 2017

New London based electronic trio KOIYA alights on our ears with a phenomenal first single named Brood, a taste from their self titled debut EP arriving shortly on May 5th. A sweeping grandeur and pristine vocals reminiscent of London Grammar invite us into the song before they’re joined by jabbing, clattering, and blaring intensity akin to that of a dark celestial Haelos and ECHOS fusion teeming with flickering future bass, skittering trip hop, and lurching chillstep. Brood is a regal soaring beauty that immediately makes KIOYA’s debut EP a release to look out for.