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June 29, 2016

Swiss DJ and producer Tanja La Croix is a superstar of sorts over on the other side of the Atlantic Ocean, driving jet setters and electronic music fanatics into dance frenzy and playing some of the most well known venues stretching from Lebanon to Dubai, Moscow to Ibiza. She envelopes me in just the uplifting summery deep house I need right now on her latest single, We Turn The World Around. The tropical melodic and chill effulgent dance anthem makes this Wednesday morning more hopeful and beautiful than ever, despite all that has been happening in the world. If there’s anything that might inspire us all to treat each other better, it’s music. Tanja La Croix has me convinced of this with her gorgeous dance track. We Turn The World Around is available from various outlets, here.

June 22, 2016

Last night, I promised you a morning dance party, and that’s exactly what we’re going to have as a Philly based producer named Rolstone takes us to great heights of joy with an uplifting dance remix of Alessia Cara’s Wild Things. Rolstone gives us a summer radiant edit of the infectious urban pop tune. His airy buoyant Wild Things is island breezy and tropical chill, like a mix of springy melodic Gryffin with some SNBRN sunset house. Rolstone leaves this wild thing beaming in euphoria with his vibrant dazzling remix. Grab the Wild Things remix, here.

June 18, 2016

Let’s stick around Berlin from a moment and move on from that last R&B grooving jam to this comforting chill tropical house gem, Waves, from Perttu. Its smoky bewitching vocals are turned in by Finnish singer songwriter Alexandra. It’s Friday night, and you’re probably prettying yourself up for an epic evening out. After listening to Perttu’s mellifluous uplifting Waves, you’ll want to take a quick moment to grab your bae and assure each other that no matter what comes in the long hours ahead, you have each others’ backs. Waves can also be streamed over at Spotify.

June 3, 2016

I don’t think there’s a “better” way to kick off a warm June weekend than some melodic tropical bliss. Poland’s We Are Friends links up with honey voiced Los Angeles vocalist Grant Genske on Better, and they brighten my day ten fold with the heart melting, saccharine soulful tune. A tropical sun shines down us brilliantly as we glide across aqua blue waves. All troubles and worries, any uncertainty and doubt are left far behind as we venture into the unknown, filled with hope. Better is also available now on Spotify.

May 25, 2016

Dutch producer Sam Feldt’s latest smash hit Shadows Of Love, featuring Heidi Rojas’ breathy soulful cooing, is a buoyant bouncy affair. Texas’ MKJ gives it the remix treatment, and his Shadows Of Love cuts down on some of the original’s breeziness and vibrant tempo. He illuminates the poignant regret and torment within the song by giving it a bittersweet tropical melodic remix. The melodic beauty and heart rending dance jam is a free download, here.

May 12, 2016

Tender vocals and chill tropical house send shivers down my spine on emotively charged Nervous, the latest gem from Austrian production duo Wild Culture. The saccharine sweet, melodic sublime electronic ballad sees the duo collaborating with American singer songwriter Dan Mackenzie. Nervous’ soothing glow, gentle cooing, and soulful piano will drive any modicum of anxiety far, far away as it brings on a fit of euphoric swaying and closed eyed bliss. Remember to sling this one along when you meet up your latest crush on those long summer nights ahead.

April 21, 2016

San Francisco’s Viceroy has announced his Next Escape Tour, set to coincide with the release of his new EP of the same name. He’s also revealed the title track from that EP, bringing us endless summer vibes with the song which features gliding cooing by Patrick Baker. Drop your worries, ease your burdens, and let Next Escape take you to palm tree lined white sand beaches. Viceroy’s chill house & cool tropical romancer is out now on various outlets, here. Head to Viceroy’s website to check out his Next Escape Tour.

April 3, 2016

Running Out is more than likely my favorite Matoma original, its chill tropical luster and much bewitching vocals by electropop artist Astrid S a magically sparkling sea of glacial beauty. The Norwegian producer’s new music video for Running Out affords us a joyful revisit of the song, plus its visual representation of the song’s contrasting sun kissed warmth and snowy iciness is a delightful addition to the already staggering effect of the song. Running Out comes from matoma’s debut abum HAKUNA MATOMA!, available now at iTunes.

March 27, 2016

The tropical radiance of German producer Moguai’s exuberant Hold On, which features Cheat Codes, gets a melodic, springy edit, courtesy of Belgian duo Vijay and Sofia. Their deep house remix takes us sailing across a glimmering sea of honeyed euphoria. No worries are on the horizon, no regrets in the past. All that matters is the present, and dancing the day away in this Vijay and Sofia paradise. The duo’s remix is available for purchase from various outlets, here.

January 13, 2016

I find myself in a crisis of sorts when listening to this lovely remix. Do I get up and dance, or do I go outside, lie down on the grass, and stare wistfully into the star studded night sky? Texas based producer MKJ has the good vibes flowing with an uplifting tropical house remix of Antoine Chambe and Otter Berry’s Andalusia, featuring Hi – Ly. Its a melting beauty, a remix that makes everything around me glow with the radiance of a hopeful, bright moon. The track is MKJ’s first release of the year and serves to tide fans over as he works on his EP. Download the remix, here.