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April 29, 2017

There seems to be several artists in the scene who harbor a fondness for koalas, including the likes of Shura, and this enigmatic producer musician from Los Angeles, FRND. He releases his latest single via a Billboard premiered music video featuring his animated incarnation The Koala. Be Happy is a melancholia tinged indie electronica meets pop piece that some describe as “emo-electronic”. Even its indie electronica is genre defying, as it traverses between chill house and melodic bass. It’s infinitely hooking and deeply stirring. The video for Be Happy centers around an emotional journey after a relationship. The bittersweetly melting crossover gem is out now on iTunes, here.

February 22, 2017

I just had a splendid evening of live music, having hit up two sensational shows that are part of Noise Pop Festival 2017. I’m still aglow from last night. That glow amplifies ten fold as I gleefully dive into a truly celestial treat. NYC producer Sean Turk gives Breathe Carolina and IZII’s ECHO (LET GO) a pillowy plush future bass makeover. He embraces us with fleecy softness and gently tingling tenderness with the gorgeous remix. Sean Turk tugs at our heart strings even as he sends shivering bolts of electricity through us with his cinematic surging edit. The remix is out now on Spinnin’, grab it from various outlets, here.

January 24, 2017

If you’ve been following along with us for the past year, then you likely know how much of a fan we are of Australian singer songwriter Woodes, so when a new remix of her song Byron surfaced on our radar, I had to beseech my heart to be still. It didn’t help that this remix comes by way of oft IHM praised producer from the East Coast, Minno. Woodes’ smoky captivating voice dances magically in an ocean of breaking future waves and brisk melodic trap on Minno’s lighthearted frolic. The ebullient and exultant treat is a free download, here.

November 18, 2016

Aside from a uniquely filmed and much riveting official music video that just dropped for The Chainsmokers hit All We Know, featuring breathy enchanting Phoebe Ryan, a seriously magnificent remix also surfaced this week. Even before listening to Said The Sky’s remix, I knew this one was going to stand out from the thousands of The Chainsmokers remixes that seem to be hovering about us at any given time of day. The well loved melodic bass producer from Colorado exhibits his masterful grasp on cinematic stirring aural magic with his windswept beauty of a remix. It’s a rather refreshing landscape to float upon, one with ambient shifting, timeless drifting qualities that brings out the ponderous and meditative side of All We Know. If you haven’t caught the video for the original yet, watch below.

November 15, 2016

It’s a breathtakingly haunting gem with which Litche alights upon our ears tonight. Will You fuses the surging atmospheric with the ambient halcyon. The gauzy gusting melodic bass on Litche’s second single ebbs and tides in a dreamy fashion, while guest vocalist Loui Abell turns in a beautifully diaphanous performance. Litche, a producer from Sydney, Australia, has made a lingering impression with his finespun number. He leaves my spine tingling from this gossamer and ethereal experience. Will You is available now from iTunes.

November 10, 2016

I near choked on my coffee this morning when I saw an ECHOS and Seven Lions collaboration surface on my radar, I was that agitated with excitement. It was but a few Fridays ago that I eagerly caught ECHOS’ San Francisco debut at Popscene to learn how spectacularly rousing their music can truly be in person. The fact that this incredible Portland duo has partnered up with venerated melodic bass producer Seven Lions was the best spirit lifting news to arrive in a rather unfortunately glum election week. It comes as no surprise that ECHOS’ emotively exquisite, atmospheric heartrending electronica pairs gorgeously with Seven Lions’ production. Cold Skin is cavernous and expansive, yet intimately tender and stirring. Lexi’s exceptional voice lifts us to cathartic apexes while Seven Lions’ cinematic production packs in those endless infinite feels. Trust me, you’ll be hard pressed to find another electronic aria as moving as this one right now. Cold Skin is out now on Monstercat. Grab it from iTunes.

November 4, 2016

There’s something about modulated harmonies that melt me into pieces, or so I’ve realized from my love of songs like Cazzette’s Sleepless, or Bridgit Mendler’s Atlantis, featuring Kaiydo. The Los Angeles singer songwriter’s gem of a tune has been enchanting me over and over again these past two months. Now, we get to sway to our hearts’ content to a fresh new remix of that song by Germany’s Class & Clowns. The duo gives the track a downtempo soothing melodic bass and atmospheric quivering chillstep edit brimming with honeyed tenderness. You can grab the remix for free, here.

November 1, 2016

Even if you’re one of those people who find soy based tofu absolutely atrocious (and trust me, tofu can be really delicious), you’re going to find this


remix absolutely appetizing, so much so you won’t be able to stop devouring it over and over again. Vancouver based producer tofû offers up an exhilarating re-work of NY producer Lucian’s Forever, that beauty of a gripping future bass gem that features ravishing vocals by Nashville’s REMMI. While the original was dark and grandiose with sharp vehement edges, tofû’s remix is takes on an ethereal electro step airiness. Its smooth rounded chops and wavy glittering veneer gives us a delightfully fresh approach on Forever that I welcome with much zeal. Download the edit for free, here.

October 9, 2016

Last month, Greek electro trap producer Aero Chord presented us with one of my top electronic tracks of the year. I’ve listened to The 90s countless times, tickled each and every time by the fluid transitions between trance and future bass permeating the song. The venerated producer follows that welcome return with another tremendous track. On Wanchu Back, Aero Chord has again built a sprawling soundscape accented by sharp wiry retro synths and accompanied by prismatic shimmering, glitchy intense future chops. This “progressive-trance-step” concoction is overwhelmingly enthralling. Wanchu Back and The 90s will both be on Aero Chord’s new Love & Hate EP, due out October 14th via Monstercat. You can pre-order now on iTunes. Love & Hate might become my favorite electronic EP of the year at the rate Aero Chord is bowling me over with his new tracks. 

October 9, 2016

It’s been awhile since we’ve heard from San Francisco’s own Blackbird Blackbird, who’s joined that constant north to south migration and now resides in Los Angeles. Mikey re-surfaces with a fresh new remix, a cosmic enchanting future bass remix of enigmatic French electro-symphonic composer AstroVoyager’s beautiful tune, Architect. Blackbird Blackbird proves himself the ever adept sonic architect with this cinematic opera, a gripping yet breathtaking capitalization of AstroVoyager’s fluid yet florid amalgamation of the orchestral and the electronic. The remix rolls majestically and glides celestially, taking us on a fantastical and expressive voyage. The original comes from AstroVoyager’s new EP, scheduled for release October 21st via CosmXploreR.