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February 9, 2018

We were so overjoyed at stumbling upon Jay Lewn earlier today that we knew, his music was a must share and right away, too. The singer songwriter and musician from London tenderizes our hearts with his dreamy silky cooing on his latest slow burning R&B soul jam, The_Night. He takes us on a twilight escapade with the chill sauntering ballad steeped in late night longing and lovesick introspection. The_Night looks to be Jay Lewn’s second single, and it comes on the heels of last month’s Nicotine_Clouds, also an exquisite gem with a more dub heavy atmosphere. The track kindles and sparks softly like a campfire on a dark pensive night. The smoke from the fire clings to our skin, following us around like Jay Lewn’s floaty vocals on the gossamer R&B soul and shadowy minimalist electronica song. It swirls its way into our hearts, leaving us haunted under its weighty embrace. Keep up with the outstanding new artist on Facebook, here.

November 7, 2017

I’m sure many of you have already picked up on the new Tom Misch by now, as well as the announcement of his debut full length and an accompanying tour. And I’m sure you’re celebrating all the fine news alongside the London musician’s devout bounty of fans. I still remember Tom Misch’s San Francisco sold out debut at Popscene last November like it was but a few days ago. Tom’s North American leg of his tour begins at the Regency Ballroom in San Francisco on April 12th, and I certainly plan on being there for the show, though grabbing a ticket before the show sells out might be an uphill battle. Debut album Geography drops on April 6th. For more details regarding his tour and album, head to his website, here. But for now, let’s dive into Movie, which features Tom’s own sister Polly on vocals at the start of the song, as well as Tom’s mom Carol in the single’s artwork. Movie ‘magic’ can’t begin to describe this mellow melter. It’s a signature jazzy soul and gem from Tom Misch, with funk guitars, endless vintage vibes, and his velveteen voice. I melt into the song, and sigh the longest sigh that ever was….

July 4, 2017

Maryland’s Abdou is the front man behind the band Dirty Du & The Boyz, and he’s received attention after being featured in VH1′s 2014 “Make A Band Famous” competition, but he’s now woos us with jazzy chill R&B soul on solo ballad Called Me, produced by Kojo A. It’s obvious Abdou is heavily influenced by 90′s R&B. With Called Me, he paints a vivid picture about a love that has gone bad and how old feelings arise after receiving a phone call from a prior lover. It’s a mellow swooner and a silky heart string tugger.  Called Me is out on iTunes, here.

May 24, 2017

Patterns’ smoky tendrils circle about us to grip the heart, propelled by Isabel’s warm, honeyed vocals. The Brisbane, Australia singer songwriter has returned after a prolonged six months silence to remind us why we fell so hard for her jazzy soulful R&B in the first place. This late night serenade is a dusky simmering, snazzy seductive addition to her ever growing repertoire. Isabel will be supporting Airling at her upcoming sold out shows later this month. For more of Isabel, visit her Soundcloud, here.

March 4, 2017

Supple voiced London talent Abi Ocia serves up some heart confit with her breathtaking new ballad, Konfyt. She shreds our hearts with tender aching R&B soul. The gently gusting, reedy fanning song is like a candle in the dark, emitting a soft halo of heartrending warmth. Konfyt provides comfort in the dark with its finespun acoustics and organic texture. We’re drawn to its light like a moth to a flame, except there’s no danger to be found here, only a soothing balm for our exposed and damaged souls. Purchase or stream Konfyt from additional services and outlets, here.

February 17, 2017

It’s said that Tamaraebi, in but a few short months, has quickly become known as London’s underground latest soul secret. It becomes clear why this might be so just a few seconds into new original Innocence. His falsettos are exceptional. They’re milky and creamy yet raspy and emotive, all at the same time, like Milosh but raw and immediate instead of like a distant foggy dream. Tamaraebi is also reportedly influenced by Nina Simone, Prince, and Bob Dylan, which can all be found to some extent on this supple hovering fusion of atmospheric production and gently simmering guitar. 

August 29, 2016

Grégoire, one half of swooning French duo Saje, introduced me to his new side project Glasses earlier this year by intoxicating us with a molten mix of deep house and mellow soul on Close To You. He continues to melt me into a helpless puddle with satin chic, gooey sentimental He Just. If I were wearing glasses instead of contacts right now, they’d most certainly be all misted up by Glasses. Bluesy simmering guitar add to the sentimental depth of this slow burning electro soul jam. He Just can also be streamed off Spotify.