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March 28, 2018

The thought of teflon usually brings to mind something tough and resistant, hard and strong. Yet Cleveland’s Teflon Sega renders us a melted, liquefied mess every time he serenades us with one of his R&B soul ballads. Those feelings bubble to surface yet again as Teflon Sega melts us with his creamy, satiny cooing on new single Closure, a poignant lament of a dreamy electro and velvety R&B track featuring sonic magician YLXR on foggy atmospheric, dusky surreal production duty. Tragic romance and aching heartbreak take a hold of us as we dissolve into this pillowy, dreamy affair. While the closure we seek in life might always evade us, at least we can seek comfort in Teflon Sega and drift into the night feeling a little bit more complete. Closure is a free download, here.

November 28, 2017

We’ve been touting Jadu Heart and the UK duo’s genre defying form of spacey psych soul and R&B pop this past year with much verve, so a new song from the pair is much cause for celebration, much less a track that involves celebrated producer Mura Masa, too! Mura Masa seems to be keeping himself extra busy these days producing tracks for a plethora of fine emerging artists. He crafts a luscious and complex soundscape on U Never Call Me, over which Jadu Heart croons ever suavely with their velveteen vocals. The lush grooving R&B soul and chill electronica song is the perfect juncture between both act’s styles of sound. U Never Call Me arrived with an abstract visual whose luminescent ripples and watery obscurity are a fine supplement to U Never Call Me’s turbid and sensual allure. Download/stream the single, here.

October 3, 2017

Having choices can be a convenience, but it can also come with far too many responsibilities and be a burden, ridden with guilt and regret. That seems to be what mAsis is addressing on the Southern California three pieces’ latest electronic offering, Choices/Burdens. As listeners, we find all burdens lifted from our shoulders as we make the obvious choice to dive into the trio’s hypnotic winding brand of sensual R&B pop and introspective electronica. It’s a beautiful and shadowy piece with a soft pulse and a feathery caress. Choices/Burdens is the second single from mAsis’ forthcoming Always You EP, due out in early 2018. 

September 8, 2017

At first glance, the name “Alone Together” seems like a paradox, but this conundrum is quickly resolved once we delve into the dreamy swirling bed of R&B soul that New Zealand collective LEISURE offers up on their chill grooving new tune. Who says solitude can’t involve more than one, and it can’t be an incredibly sultry and seductive affair? The gauzy swaying, luscious shimmering song has the capacity of bringing lonely hearts together for a night of wild passion. It’s also a welcome, melting return after LEISURE has kept rather silent for nearly a year. 

May 24, 2017

Patterns’ smoky tendrils circle about us to grip the heart, propelled by Isabel’s warm, honeyed vocals. The Brisbane, Australia singer songwriter has returned after a prolonged six months silence to remind us why we fell so hard for her jazzy soulful R&B in the first place. This late night serenade is a dusky simmering, snazzy seductive addition to her ever growing repertoire. Isabel will be supporting Airling at her upcoming sold out shows later this month. For more of Isabel, visit her Soundcloud, here.

March 26, 2017

We’ve been in love with South East London’s Only Girl for quite some time, but that adoration grows ten fold now that she’s returned with this superb new single, Fortune. It’s utterly ravishing, a willowy R&B pop ballad that ebbs and tides with mellifluous resplendence. The singer songwriter co-wrote the song with UK producer Lostboy, who also produced the gem. Ellen Murphy’s breathy, honeyed voice and the song’s fleecy plush warmth evoke both WET and London Grammar. Fortune arrives with soulful stirring, gospel rousing B-side Water and a gorgeous acoustic version of the single, all of which can be streamed via Soundcloud below and purchased on iTunes.

March 1, 2017

UK singer songwriter Astronomyy is a busy man these days. Not only has he just released an excellent new EP entitled Rest In Paradise, but he’s also lent his production skills to a breathtaking debut from Brooklyn newcomer Alayna. Falling Autumn truly evokes the gentle fall of crisp leaves on a cool drafty day. Its finespun R&B pop caresses softly and gently, while Alayna’s delicate and supple vocals draw us in with a crystalline tenderness. The 23 year old singer songwriter explains: “Falling Autumn is about finding the stillness and comfort in someone else. It’s about connecting with someone on a deeper level and being confident in what you want, crave, and feel.” The dewy aphrodisiac can be purchased from iTunes.

February 15, 2017

Yukimi Nagano lead Swedish outfit Little Dragon has been a favorite of mine for close to a decade now, so my Tuesday started out unimaginably fabulous when I woke up to a brand new tune from the alt R&B and indietronica band. Little Dragon bathes us with warm swirling fog on High, a plush song whose name pretty much summarizes how it feels. The woozy slow jam is an intoxicating trip. Its surreal haze directly translates into the song’s heady music video. Yukimi even sings “feel free to roll another one for me” on the song, so they’re definitely not holding anything back in regards to the drugged out vibes on their droopy new tune. Except we don’t really need anything else to feel inebriated when we have a song like this to dissolve into completely. Along with the new song comes news of a Little Dragon tour this April that takes them from California, through Coachella, and to the East Coast, at times with Glass Animals and GoldLink. Find High on iTunes, here.

January 24, 2017

El Paso R&B soul wunderkid Khalid seems to be popping up all over the place these days, and it’s probably safe to say he’s one of the most exciting figures in the scene right now. Khalid makes his latest appearance on Alina Baraz’s heralded return, Electric, and the track couldn’t have been anointed a more fitting name. Electric, though downtempo sparse and dispersed, is a shockwave of sensual luscious electro R&B. Khalid’s crackling, simmering voice is the perfect companion to Alina Baraz’s supple angelic elegance. Despite her long period of silence prior to this single’s arrival, the wild buzz surrounding Alina Baraz has not lost any of its intensity. Her return to San Francisco in late March and early April sold out within minutes, and I was one of the poor souls to have missed out on my chance to snag golden tickets to see her live yet again. Stream or purchase Electric from major services, here.

June 14, 2016

It’s been some time since we’ve heard from Toronto native, Berlin based artist Sway Clarke II. He re-emerges today simply as Sway Clarke, with a beautifully enchanting ballad named Tangerine. If the ambient production of the song sounds vaguely familiar to you as it did to me, it’s likely due to the fact that its delicately intoxicating soundscape samples San Francisco’s Tycho. Tangerine comes from Sway Clarke’s long awaited debut EP, Bad Love, which will be released June 24th via Island Records / Universal Music. Tender soft cooing blankets us in heartfelt velveteen feels alongside Tycho’s soft tinkling bed of electronic splendor.