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March 29, 2018

Heartwarming, earthy stomping, and melodious hooking Do It Like You Do is London duo KAWALA’s latest single. Since its release earlier this month, it’s already drummed up much praise and adoration, having been heavily featured on many of the largest indie pop playlsits, as well as garnering slots on several New Music Friday lists in the UK, Italy, & Poland. The British duo has since released a new music video for the song, too, affording us a fine chance to partake in its balmy strums and breezy buoyancy. Do It Like You Do’s music video was directed by Tim Moorhouse, and it features a collective of the pair’s friends and family that all came together at a school in Kentish Town to shoot the video.

Jim Higson (vocals) explained the desire to share this important part of the band and their connection with where they are from, “We’ve always felt it important to involve friends and family when and where we can. The sense of

community is something we want to accentuate." The summery song is KAWALA’s second single, following on the heels of their debut single Small Death. The hotly tipped duo have already sold out several of their headline shows in the UK. Do It Like You Do is available via major outlets, here.

March 28, 2018

Honestly, who needs sleep? I mean, can’t we just listen to No Sleep all night long, instead of slumbering away those precious early morning hours? The Pittsburgh producer, who last linked up with swiftly ascending pop duo XUITCASECITY on Criminals, delivers mellifluous sonic bliss on Steady, which features mahogany vocals by a mysterious new songstress named Xxaia. Steady reminds me of a restless summer’s night. The air is warm and thick, and we’re yearning for someone special while feeling a whole lot of regret over that fight from earlier in the day. Hope creeps in as No Sleep’s gently prancing, heart-on-the-sleeve melodic house and future bass warms our hearts. Tomorrow’s another day, maybe nothing’s been broken and everything’s still steady. 

March 13, 2018

Most of my close friends know that I don’t like extreme rollercoasters, not because I’m scared of them, I’m not, but because I hate the feeling of free fall once it lasts more than a few seconds. POOLCLVB’s Free Fall, however, is just the sort of free fall that I do love. You see, this “free fall” is more like a triumphant soar through lush, coruscant electronic soundscapes. POOLCLVB blends deep pumping, future edged house with balmy synthpop, whilst guest chanteuse Doolie guides us on the exultant flight with her honeyed vocals . A drizzle of nu-disco funk and a whole lot of 90s nostalgia also saturate the warm, radiant dazzler. Let go of all your worries and dance your way into summer with Free Fall. Stream more POOLCLVB on Soundcloud, here.

February 21, 2018

Talk is a gorgeously affecting, tender stirring beauty from Scottish outfit November Lights that melds chill indietronica with alt pop. You can stream the track, here, if you missed out on our prior feature of the song. Beirut based producer Imad takes full advantage of its atmospheric sonics on a lusciously bounding dance remix. Talk now prances with endless vibrant energy, but it’s also a fleecy warm caress under the dexterous production guidance of Imad. His emotive and melodic house edit comes while Imad is celebrating a million plays on his previous original. You can stream or download the remix for free via other platforms, here.

February 20, 2018

There’s no doubt that Milky Chance occupies their own sweet little niche in the sound spectrum when it comes to the German trio’s ever infectious and singular blend of reggae, folk rock, and electronica. Their 2017 sophomore album Blossom was a superb follow up to 2013′s Sadnecessary, arguably even better than that first LP. And now, the boys have released a music video for track number three, Firebird, in which they explore the female heroes of modern day Bolivia. It’s fantastic to see what everyone’s doing lately with their music and their videos. We live in a time when women are pressing for recognition and equality, and seeing our favorite artists embrace this movement is moving and much appreciated. And, of course, Firebird is yet another earthy stomping earworm of a gem from Milky Chance. Any reason to listen to it again is a great one. Catch the band on their expansive international tour. Tickets and info can be found, here.

February 10, 2018

New on our music map is Hymner, a production duo who hails from Stockholm, Sweden. They describe their own music as “sad danceable pop music”, yet I find myself dancing in bliss to their new single Bicycle, featuring smoky vocals by Swedish songstress Alessandra. We ride along with Hymner and Alessandra on a romantic and idyllic journey to Mexico, swaying dreamily to the chill house and mellifluous pop song’s breezy strums and warm cascading beats. With our curiosity piqued and our ears much enthralled, we delved into the only other song that Hymner has offered up on their Soundcloud page. Continue your halcyon summer holiday below with Apart, a buoyant yet relaxed chill house jam featuring Bast

February 6, 2018

New Brooklyn outfit Barrie sure now how to cast a sensuous and intoxicating spell with their first release. Though its members hail from a myriad of international locales, their chemistry as one is more than apparent on muggy simmering, smoky grooving Canyons, a chill luscious synthwave and sweet swirling disco embroidered debut. Its sort of like Porches paired with Cults, doused with a hint of Chromatics and some Yumi Zouma. You can also stream the phenomenal single via Spotify, here, or purchase from iTunes, here. We’ll be looking ahead to what else this noteworthy new project has in store for us this year. 

January 31, 2018

There’s something magical about the city of Los Angeles. It embodies both hope and devastation, naivety and jadedness. As such, it’s spawned so many songs of all kinds, some joyous, some crestfallen. Brighton based producer OKO and honeyed songstress Rosie Darling paid tribute to L.A. on a song of the same name, and now SISTEK, a producer from Chile, has given the track a sparkly, airy remix that oozes summer nostalgia and aching pining. Despite its melancholic undertones, the balmy melodic house remix also lifts our spirits with its crisp prance and glowing warmth. The remix is out now on Aux Records, and you can download it for free, here

January 31, 2018

With his signature fleecy vocals and his trademark feathery synths, Future Jr. liquefies our hearts once again with the tender caress of his latest single. The 23 year old singer songwriter and producer from Brisbane serenades us with wistful and wispy guitar strums on dreamy atmospheric, warm enveloping Tell Me That I’m Wrong, a flawless blend of pensive indietronica, sunset house, and 80s imbued synthpop. Perhaps Future Jr. might be prone to error in other arenas in life, but he’s obviously never wrong when it comes to music. Tell Me That I’m Wrong is available via iTunes, here.

January 28, 2018

I’m not really into the whole bonsai zen thing, being someone who’s always fidgeting about taking in the world around me with zeal (and a brain that likes going 100 miles an hour). I guess I’m not really much of a “bonsai mammal”, except when I’m dancing to this mysterious new producer who just dropped a fluorescent electronic track on Lowly Palace named For You. Bonsai Mammal’s song is an instantly infectious banger that walks a fine line between chill melodic house and indie dance. Its peppy beats are utterly irresistible and dripping with youthful ebullience, while its ethereal topline oozes disarming charm. Excuse for a moment while I go hop around my living room to For You. I just can’t help myself. Grab the song from iTunes, here.