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January 18, 2018

Darkwave duchess ABRA strikes again with a brilliant new tune. The much buzzing Atlanta based singer songwriter and producer haunts us with barbed hip hop and vaporous R&B on misty and gossamer B.R.A.T, a cheeky lo-fi jam produce by Father. B.R.A.T is a wicked track that reminds us of ABRA’s earlier tracks. Take a trip down memory lane and re-visit those spaciously atmospheric gems on Soundcloud, here.

September 26, 2017

Despite the vinyl I’ve managed to accumulate over the years, I only have one turntable at home, and it’s kind of dinky, too. Oh how I wish I had some quality old school turntables, but I should learn how to set them up and properly take care of them first. For now, I’ll pretend I’m jamming out to this new Matt DiMona off of one such apparatus as I sway and spin to the Los Angeles producer’s chill late night vibes. Old School Turntables’ jazzy soul, mellow pop, and twinkling electronica are imbued with a classic hip hop beat, as well as effortlessly smooth, fleecy smooth vocals. Matt DiMona’s buddy Max Rice plays guitar on the track. Old School Turntables certainly proves how much of a production/singer songwriter chameleon Matt DiMona truly is. You can grab the jam from Bandcamp, here.

August 23, 2017

An elusive and very mysterious project named Necklace blew us away earlier this year with a spectacularly hooking song named Bad Thing, on which spacey drawls, cool post-punk, and synthwavey flourishes coalesced. Though I’ve yet to learn much more about Necklace, I can’t help but share his vaporous and airy single Try This, a song whose hip hop timbre is described by some as “cloud rap”. Its certainly heady and infectious, an exhilarating and intoxicating dose of chillwavey urban swagger. Try This is available via Apple, here. In the interim between our first time discovering Necklace and the release of Try This at the beginning of summer, Necklace also put forth a song named Denim Belt, a languorous slacker rock strummer on which Necklace continues exhibiting his unpredictability and versatility. Stream Denim Belt below.

February 17, 2017

The warm fuzzy vibes of Valentine’s Day continue to draw sighs from us as we melt away to Kiss Fight, a rather genuine look at the ups and downs of passionate romance. A whisper soft mix of tender piano pop, delicate hip hop, and chill electronica tugs at the heart strings on Kiss Fight, a misty saccharine tune from Ukraine native Tülpa and Toronto’s BLANKTS. Kiss Fight even features California producer gnash. Tülpa explains that he was walking to a park one day in Canada with BLANKTS when they saw a lot of signs that pointed them towards a series of things that eventually lead to a party where they found a piano. They wrote Kiss Fight that fateful day, and gnash joined in to collaborative with them to make Kiss Fight even more magical later on.

June 9, 2016

Undeniably brilliant 20 year old South East Londoner Tom Misch will be releasing a debut live EP entitled Reverie on July 15th via his own label Beyond The Groove. The much buzzing artist has revealed a new chill electronic track off this EP, on which he collaborates again with fellow British artist and talented hip hop vocalist Loyle Carner. Crazy Dream is crazy indeed, a crazy sublime reverie much jazzy resplendent and silken swooning. Its smooth hip hop verses and snazzy high hats leave me in a euphoric trance. I hope I never wake up from this Crazy Dream, and maybe I never will, as I sink deeper and deeper into the pillow plush softness of this dulcet mellow gem. Tom Misch’s Reverie EP can be pre-ordered on iTunes.