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January 31, 2018

Birocratic is a Brooklyn producer and multi-instrumentalist whose real name is Brandon Rowan, and he’s already established himself a force in the scene these past few years thanks to a slew of original productions and remixes. The 24 year old artist has even been featured in videos from Buzzfeed and YouTube vlogger Casey Neistat, as well as supported artists like MNDSGN and Grammy nominee StarRo live. He kicks off 2018 with a groovy homage to 90′s house and 80′s funk named, fittingly, Extra Fresh. The luscious track even comes accompanied by a cheeky “infomercial” video for, what else, but minty mouth wash. Get down to Birocratic’s robust basslines on his chill disco and glam house jam. Birocratic is also known for his brilliant live shows. He dazzles the crowd with his instrumental skills on bass guitar, keyboards, finger-drumming, and more, allowing him to bring his experimental jazz, hip hop, and house records to life in real time. Download/stream Extra Fresh, here.

November 2, 2017

Norwegian wunderkind Jerry Folk has been proving himself a production chameleon lately with his flips. He takes on Post Malone for his latest track, demonstrating how much of a ‘rocksta’r he really is. Post Malone’s Rockstar gets a funky yet gritty re-working that brings to mind Pretty Lights. He even enlisted his buddy Heavy Mellow on wicked funk guitar. Download the track for free, here. If you missed Jerry Folk’s take on Justin Bieber’s Boyfriend, be sure to check it out, here.

September 16, 2017

Sunny psychedelia abounds on Cones’ latest single Whatever You’re Into, making us fully aware that the LA by way of SF duo is what we’re fully into, especially after earlier songs like Back In The Brain and Echoes On received florid praise from us, too. The brothers, both of whom formerly played in Eleanor Friedberger’s band, never fail to move us with their gooey warm groove and a silky smooth synthpop sheen. Whatever You’re Into’s funky breeze and plush velour bring to mind Toro Y Moi and Electric Guest, but with an extra dose of chiffon languor and a misty strut. Go cruising with Cones’ prior singles on Soundcloud, here.

September 16, 2017

Dreamy grooving guitar pop emanates from blissful Angie, a new single from a project from Provo, Utah named Child Ivory. Angie’s gentle chug and shimmering synths urges us to get up and spin about in languid euphoria, while its bittersweet strums leaves us feeling wistful and nostalgic. Child Ivory’s glistening single is available from itunes, here. The sun dappled gem follows on the heels of last month’s wavey intoxicating Rhetoric, a must listen too which can be experienced through a music video shot in Taiwan below. 

August 8, 2017

We head back across the Pacific to the land of the Kiwis for a snazzy grooving jam from La Felix. The producer takes us to cloud nine with I Wanna Know, a sublime electronic confection that fuses chill disco with electro soul. Tell me you aren’t swinging your hips side to side to this one. Iridescent synths meld with plucky warbles and a sumptuous bass line, giving us a delectable French house banger reminiscent of a mellowed out Daft Punk jamming out with Tom Misch and HONNE. Snag this sexy heater from iTunes, here.

March 7, 2017

Parisian producer and multi-instrumentalist FKJ dropped his highly anticipated debut full length, fittingly named, what else, but French Kiwi Juice, last Friday. The record has been a long time coming. After all, FKJ has been an esteemed name in the electronic music scene for many a year now. Let’s celebrate the release of that album with the music video for stand out album single Skyline. FKJ demonstrates pure class on this smooth sophisticated, glossy lustrous, and swanky chic groover. A dreamy languorous form of chill funk and jazzy twinkling electronica leaves us cruising in bliss, much like the carefree ride that people take in Skyline’s video on their neon lit bicycles. French Kiwi Juice is out now on Roche Musique. Purchase and stream the album, here.

March 1, 2017

Two plus years ago, Axel Mansoor lent his vocals to Royal’s Devil Pt. 1, and I was immediately drawn to his voice. This week, the Los Angeles based singer songwriter and multi-instrumentalist graces us with that satin soulful voice once again on his first official single, Wasted My Love. On Soundcloud, Axel Mansoor describes his music as “floating somewhere in the triangle of chill, funk, and fresh.” Wasted My Love truly floats… It hovers and flutters as it suffuses us with tender melting R&B pop much endowed with said chill funk. The breakup ballad that Axel Mansoor gives us is a seamless confluence of plush electronica and spindly acoustics. Wasted My Love, produced and mixed by Koresma, is mesmeric tapping and dulcet enthralling. You can download the song for free, here.

February 25, 2016

Autograf has revealed a new track off their upcoming Future Soup EP, once again corroborating the Chicago trio’s versatile genius with Heartbeat. To utilize a pun, a reference to another Autograf gem, there’s a “metaphysical” quality to Heartbeat, its gauzy tranquility saturated by gentle drum work and featherweight vocals. Though peaceful and calm, there’s a soulful push and funk instilled pull to Heartbeat’s undercurrent that sends us teetering towards sublime catharsis. It’s as if Autograf had managed to grasp the very workings of my heart, melding their music with its life sustaining ticking and urgent throbbing. Autograf’s Future Soul EP drops on March 11th. Pre-order, here.