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January 18, 2018

Parisian dance connoisseur and multi-instrumentalist Jean Tonique announced the details of his genre defying album Well Mannered Frivolity through Tonique Records earlier this week. It’s arrival will be pre-empted by the release of a short series of films for some of the albums’ tracks, which kicks off with this peculiarly captivating visualizer for Jean Tonique’s Feel Better Now, a chill grooving electronic track saturated with an unmistakable French electro touch.  Well Mannered Frivolity will be available on CD, vinyl and digitally through all discerning outlets. Pre-order, here, ahead of its February 16th release date.

November 4, 2016

It’s a serene and breathtaking trip across vast oceans and above fluffy clouds that EMBRZ invites us on with the Irish producer’s new remix. He’s given The 1975′s hit single Somebody Else an effervescent springing, buoyant lunging remix that warms the heart and leaves the soul tingling with joy. This chillwavey electro makeover frames dreamy Matty’s voice in heavenly synths and weightless beats. He sounds like an angel, cooing sweet nothings in our ears. I sink euphorically into EMBRZ’ remix as if it were the softest bed in the world. 

May 7, 2016

Wingtip’s soundcloud profile simply states “put your dancing shoes on”. My dancing shoes aren’t ready for the sweet ebullience of the NYC based producer’s chill disco masterpiece, Eventually. R&B flavored vocals glide resplendently throughout its sleekly grooving sea of endlessly undulating electro house waves. I’d ride these waves forever, if I could. Download Wingtip’s Eventually for free, here.