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December 6, 2017

A couple of weeks have passed since Giraffage headlined the legendary Fillmore in San Francisco, with his buddies Wingtip and Sweater Beats in tow. It was a magical night, to say the least, and some of the evening’s vibrant memories resurface as we dive into an unexpected remix of the San Francisco producer’s collaboration with Japanese Breakfast by Grammy award winning producer RAC. We shouldn’t be surprised, considering how dexterous and versatile RAC has proven himself to be with his never-ending string of originals and edits. But here we are, bouncing exuberantly to the buoyant beat of this luscious edit of Maybe as we float on cloud nine to its chromatic smoothness. It’s an undeniably mellower dance approach for RAC, a dreamy weightless, fleecy fluid, yet juicy succulent interpretation of Maybe. RAC’s remix is one of five tracks on Giraffage’s new Too Real remixes pack, which can be streamed/purchased, here.

November 29, 2017

Talent oozes from RYAN Playground, the forward thinking Montreal based singer songwriter and producer who we’ve been so taken by that we’ve even written about for an official SXSW guide. We never know quite what to expect when a new RYAN Playground song surfaces. We’ve been enthralled by her live electronic sets as well as swayed in dreamy ecstasy to her more soothing  pop offerings. Almost Died is the latter, a whimsically textured downtempo electronica meets misty soft acoustic pop track from a highly anticipated forthcoming album. A gentle aeration permeates Almost Died’s organic strums and melancholic hum. Hopefully, the chiffon ballad is a sign of much more to come soon, as well as an official album announcement. In the meantime, stream more RYAN Playground on Soundcloud, here.