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April 5, 2018

Enigmatic South London sonic magician &around, who first surfaced several months ago with a warm glowing house/pop hybrid named Dreaming All Night, has followed up that debut in fitting style with soothing Without Your Love. He envelopes us with warmth and radiance on the track, flawlessly blending chill tropical house with synthy pop on the endearing track. Despite its phosphorescence and blissed out balminess, there’s a melancholic wistfulness to the song, too. The singer songwriter and producer, who’s been ensconced in the studio working on his new material, explains: 

“I wrote the original song idea in Bali during a tropical storm I got to New Zealand about a month later and recorded a vocal sample of a woman singing to Maori gods next to the largest tree in the world (Tāne Mahuta) which sounded great dropped into this demo, so I booked a studio just outside Aukland in NZ parked outside in my campervan with my girlfriend for a couple days and finished tracking the song. it’s about realising how sad it would be being away from someone you love – when they’ve become such a big part of your life.” You can re-visit our feature of &around’s debut single, here.

April 3, 2018

In all likelihood, most of you have already listened to MØ’s new song. After all, the Danish artist is a pretty big deal these days. But our undying love of her feisty and sassy pop, which she delivers with such exceptional force and charisma live, renders Nostalgia a requisite share despite her star status these days. Watch the lyric video for Nostalgia, which is MØ’s first release this year. A balmy beat saturates the breezy chic pop anthem, which is available from iTunes, here.

November 9, 2017

Songwriter and producer Shallou, who’s now based out of Chicago, has dazzled us many times over with both his originals and his brilliant remixes. He brings his trademark dusky enchantment in full on gorgeous new single You and Me, a dreamy introspective twilight gem with gracefully swiveling synths, soft tinkling keys, and wonderfully entrancing, airy wafting vocals. You and Me’s soft glow and nostalgic wistfulness takes us on a magical journey through the night sky. We gaze at the world below us in wonder even as eyes search for the one we are yearning for. We hang on to hope on this peaceful evening. Re-visit Shallou’s debut EP and his other magnetic tunes on Soundcloud, here. Purchase/stream You and Me, here.

November 8, 2017

Italian electronic duo MARNIK takes us on a vibrant sweeping, beat pumping electronica and pop journey as they team up with fellow producers ROOKIES on new single Burn. It’s a new downtempo direction for MARNIK, and ROOKIES’ infectious topline adds to the song’s staggering allure. Burn’s springy energy and crisp production are a magnetic, complementary contrast to ROOKIES’ sooty impassioned vocals. Don’t be surprised if this fine anthem is your new crossover addiction. Burn is out now via Virgin EMI and Astralwerks. 

October 30, 2017

LOYAL is another brilliant UK act we’ve been following for quite some time, so the arrival of theri debut EP, Light Up For You, warrants some gleeful celebration and a sublime visit of one of their new tracks off the release. The Brighton based collective presents us with satin sleek vocals on its smooth melting, sensual grooving title track, an absolutely intoxicating affair. Jamie xx like electronic ambiance meets Rhye-like sensuousness and TENDER-like smoldering vibes on the song. LOYAL’s debut EP is out via IAMSOUND. 

October 24, 2017

Versatile production mogul DJ Snake has teamed up with Austin’s Max Frost, a dashing long time IHM favorite, on Broken Summer, a dreamy smoldering, bittersweet yearning song that sees the producer going the more laid back slow burn electro-R&B route. DJ Snake has never been more chill intoxicating and sleek seductive with his beatmaking and songcrafting. Broken Summer oozes remorse and heartache. It’s just the right time of year for a restless song like this, as we turn our minds towards the emotions laying heavy on us and the mistakes and choices we regret from those warm summer evenings. Stream/purchase DJ Snake’s new single, here.

September 29, 2017

No matter what kind of midnight pool party you prefer, this Australian synth duo can make it better with their music. They’ve dished out some frisky swaggering treats in the past, but Midnight Pool Party goes the chill funky, laid back swervy route this time around on new nu-disco meets deep house single Signals. It’s muggy yet not stifling, steamy yet cool, a wavy luscious late night suitor for some blissful swaying and plenteous desirous crushing. Stream/purchase the plush and ritzy gem, here.

September 27, 2017

It’s been a few days since ILLENIUM dropped his new album Awake to much elated fanfare, and I’m sure many of you, like me, just can’t get enough of its epic collection of songs, many of which feature exceptional guest talent, too. ILLENIUM has been kind enough to make the whole album available on Soundcloud, here, but make sure you support on iTunes, here. Both ILLENIUM and Said The Sky are long time IHM faves, so we had to share the Mile High City production maestros’ collaborative track off of Awake. The two happen to be close friends. Their symbiosis is more than apparent as they combine their melodic bass talents on Where’d U Go, an exuberantly lifting, beautifully ebullient anthem that takes us on a soul searching celestial sojourn that seems to lift the weight of all our worries off our shoulders. Where’d U Go combines the cosmic beauty of Porter Robinson with the ethereal effervescence of Odesza. It’s that gorgeous a masterpiece.

September 26, 2017

Despite the vinyl I’ve managed to accumulate over the years, I only have one turntable at home, and it’s kind of dinky, too. Oh how I wish I had some quality old school turntables, but I should learn how to set them up and properly take care of them first. For now, I’ll pretend I’m jamming out to this new Matt DiMona off of one such apparatus as I sway and spin to the Los Angeles producer’s chill late night vibes. Old School Turntables’ jazzy soul, mellow pop, and twinkling electronica are imbued with a classic hip hop beat, as well as effortlessly smooth, fleecy smooth vocals. Matt DiMona’s buddy Max Rice plays guitar on the track. Old School Turntables certainly proves how much of a production/singer songwriter chameleon Matt DiMona truly is. You can grab the jam from Bandcamp, here.

September 22, 2017

The charming music video Men I Trust just released the other day affords us the perfect opportunity to partake in their acclaimed recent single Tailwhip. The Montreal trio offers up an abundance of their woozy nostalgic, dreamy swirling dream pop on the soothing gem. Soft disco funk beats intertwine with luscious guitars on the sublime twirler. It’s rather fitting that Tailwhip’s video was crafted out of old VHS footage provided by the band members’ family and friends. Tailwhip evokes the faded past, which always seems alluring when viewed through rose colored glasses after the passage of time. Tailwhip is available from Bandcamp, here.