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April 26, 2018

Jeremy Zucker and Chelsea Cutler together on one exquisitely moving song. Really, need I say more? The world is by far “Better Off” now that the two East Coast singer songwriters and producers have united on the twilight ballad, a heart-string tugging, melancholic stirring lament about star-crossed lovers and calamitous love. Chelsea Cutler’s wispy, supple voice and Jeremy Zucker’s poignant crooning transfix us beautifully from a lush ethereal sonic pasture sown with tender guitar strums and softly chiseled, gently floating beats. A sad yet blissful sigh escapes the lips as the final notes of this impeccable tear-jerker fades away. Better Off is available from major outlets, here.

February 13, 2018

After Chelsea Cutler released her Snow In October EP last fall, she must have tucked herself away in hibernation. And now, just as the sun is starting to press itself into the cold and winter’s frigid hold is beginning to abate, the NYC based singer songwriter and producer has re-emerged with a new pop ballad named You’re Not Missing Me. As it’s name suggests, there’s a melancholic twinge to be found in this bereft ballad, yet Chelsea’s saccharine and heartfelt vocals are always heartwarming and consoling, too. You’re Not Missing Me feels like a confessional, a genuine and fervent tête-à-tête rendered with warm guitars and dipped in a lissome flickering future pop fragrance. Re-visit Chelsea Cutler’s Snow In October EP and prior releases on Soundcloud, here.

December 20, 2017

If you missed out on Quinn XCII’s Flare Guns previously, this new music video for the compelling single, featuring East Coast chanteuse Chelsea Cutler on additional vocals, is the perfect chance to treat your ears to this irresistible dose of the Detroit artist’s airy melodious pop and nimbly enchanting electronica. Flare Guns is the fourth song off of Quinn XCII’s debut album The Story Of Us, available from iTunes, here. Bittersweet and autumnal Flare Guns boasts a ginger prance and much endearing heart-on-your-sleeves boy girl harmonies. Its new video accompaniment stars both of the rising artists as they pace through the forest on a soul searching, heart exploring excursion. Catch Quinn XCII and Chelsea Cutler on tour together, dates and ticket information are available, here.

November 9, 2017

Manila Killa sure is a busy man these days. Not only is he on a massive tour with his buddy Candle Weather as prominent electronic duo Hotel Garuda, but the Moving Castle luminaries just dropped a funkalicious new track named Dancing On The Moon with Lemaitre, too. Now, Manila Killa has teamed up with French phenom Kidswaste on a new track named Tonight to give us a very different kind of sound. Tonight is a soft glittering cascade of celestial beauty. Chelsea Cutler provides svelte airy vocals on the chill future beats and downtempo future pop song. Kidswaste and Manila Killa saturate us with gently sanguine yearning with their stunning song’s leisurely sparkle and dreamy floating texture. Stream/download Tonight, here.

August 26, 2017

I could use a hit of your crazy. Chelsea Cutler, a 20 year old singer/songwriter/producer from Connecticut/New York area put out an addictive track last week titled ‘You Make Me’. It’s a bubbling potion of joy highlighted by her alluring vocals. Her name may seem familiar to you if you listen to The Chainsmokers since she is the featured artist on ‘Your Shirt’. Her debut EP will be out October 6th. 

August 23, 2017

Chelsea Cutler has more than forged an ascending solo path for herself as a pop artist after having dazzled us with her voice with many a cameo on dashing electronic hits in the past. The 20 year old singer songwriter and producer from Connecticut has even announced her debut self-titled EP, due out on October 6th. You Make Me is our latest pastel glowing electro pop taste off the release. Sugar coated heartache and bright eyed heartbreak abounds on the ode to new relationships and romantic insecurity. You Make Me vacillates between sunny synthpop and frisky future pop, capturing both the sweet and the tumultuous sides of love. Re-visit Chelsea Cutler’s prior singles on Soundcloud, here, as we look ahead to that debut EP.

May 27, 2017

The threshold age of sixteen seems near mystical when it comes to the youthful innocence and pristine romance we associate with it. Connecticut songbird Chelsea Cutler captures its saccharine purity and the subsequent effects of that first heartbreak on her crystalline clattering pop single Sixteen. The young singer songwriter and producer, whom we’ve heard as a guest vocalist on so many huge hit singles in the past, enchants us to the fullest with her dewy eyed, sparkling spinning electronic pop. Sixteen is the first single off her self written and self produced debut EP, coming later this summer. 

April 6, 2017

Chelsea Cutler, the ever bewitching and pristine voiced songstress from Connecticut, proves herself a divine companion to Kasbo on the Swedish producer’s youthful springing, aerial chiming new offering, Found You. Wide open skies and chirping birds greet us as we slide into the incandescent aria. Found You is airy celestial and sparkly effervescent. Its minty freshness and vernal refinement fills us with warmth and optimism as we dance eagerly alongside Kasbo’s sprightly chords and limber beats. Found You flutters swiftly and flickers weightlessly, enchanting us and reminding us of Odesza in the process. Kasbo leaves us beaming in utter joy and contentment. Anything unsightly or dark in the world seems to fade away as we gaze upon its promising beauty through Kasbo’s rose tinted lens. Found You is a free download, here.

March 27, 2017

It feels like we’ve been in love with Chicago duo Louis The Child’s new EP, Love Is Alive, since well before its release. After all, we’ve been enchanted by its title track for the last month, and we can’t get enough of Elohim’s dreamy voice on it. The clever six track record also encompasses airy jaunting Phone Died, Louis The Child’s Blaise Railey featuring hit, which we shared just two weeks prior. The versatile producers have fleshed out the rest of the EP with more spellbinding treats, blending a vast array of styles and influences in the meticulous process and showing us the true extent of their dexterous, shape shifting capabilities. Slow Down Love, which features Connecticut chanteuse Chelsea Cutler on deep sonorous vocals, is a rich thrumming, opaquely hypnotic synthesis on which riveting steel drums add another vivid dimension to the track’s combination of viscous electronica, briery R&B, and inky hip hop. Stream Louis The Child’s Love Is Alive EP in full on Soundcloud below. Buckle in for a fabulous ride through an assortment of soundscapes and emotions.

March 7, 2017

The words “your shirt” conjure comfort and intimacy, particularly when framed in the context of romance and relationships. Chelsea Cutler, the Connecticut based songbird well known for lending her beautiful voice to songs like Kidswaste’s More Colors and Chet Porter’s Stay as well as plenty more, disarms us with exactly that sort of endearing familiarity and dewy affinity on her new single Your Shirt. The finespun future pop on Your Shirt is like a weightless and celestial form of The Chainsmokers’ hit singles. It twinkles and sparkles with an ethereal radiance and a delicate tenderness. Even more impressive is the fact that Chelsea Cutler wrote and produced the song all by herself. This is no singer producer collaboration. This is Chelsea Cutler, impressing us with her expansive array of skills. Your Shirt is out now on iTunes.