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May 18, 2017

Perhaps you missed the big news. If so, let me fill you in. Beach House, that much revered and highly acclaimed dream pop band from Baltimore, has announced that they will be releasing a new compilation of songs on June 30th via Sub Pop / Bella Union. It’s entitled B-sides and Rarities, so you can probably guess for yourself what’s entailed on this release. Today, Victoria Legrand and Alex Scally gifts us a treat off the release named Chariot. Take a graceful swan dive into this dreamy swirling, melancholic drifting beauty. If this indeed is a chariot ride, then it must be the famed Sun Chariot from Greek mythology. It lifts me right up to the brilliant sun in the way it must have lifted Helios skywards, towards the great heavens. I tragically plunge back to earth once the song fades away, like how Phaethon must have fallen. 

February 19, 2016

Nodaway is back at it again. The Nashville based project created by Chris Jobe goes bold and sweeping on new song and video, Chariot, a dance rocking, synth popping extravaganza of sultry magnificence. Nodaway is like a modern Helios, his luminous sun “chariot” capable of flying us across skies, through oceans, and around the world. Chariot is a combination of indie electronica and dance punk swagger, a Strange Talk meets Franz Ferdinand patchwork of adventurous spice.