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May 17, 2017

I don’t know what kind of “doctrine” this mysterious new collective from Los Angeles is planning to teach us, but whatever it is, sign me up, I’m already a true believer! One “play” of Doctrine’s debut single left me with my jaw wide open in disbelief. The project involving a chorale ensemble named SACRA/PROFANA is described as a hybrid between choral music and indie pop. Their first song Play is a polyphonic masterpiece, a multi-layered electro hymnal that evokes the baroque artistry of San Fermin, Dirty Projectors, and Son Lux. It comes accompanied by a visual piece which you can watch below. Those of you in Southern California have the lucky opportunity to catch this enigmatic collective live when they play Gallery 1988 (West) on Saturday. Purchase tickets, here. My curiosity has been piqued sky high, and I’ll be awaiting any reports of how the show goes as well as more innovative music from Doctrine. 

April 19, 2017

London’s Isaac Gracie has unveiled a beautifully shot music video for his single Reverie, giving us an audio visual combination that truly induces a daydream like state of melancholic introspection. Reverie is a sparse soulful, bluesy tender aria that feels like a cross between Hozier and Michael Kiwanuka, permeated by moving gospel and the halcyon beauty of chamber pop. The longing lullaby begins hushed, but it builds slowly towards an impassioned peak. Those in the UK might be able to catch Issac Gracie on tour next month, but be forewarned that the gifted musician’s London shows are all completely sold out already. 

January 17, 2015

I don’t quite remember how I encountered Philadelphia folk act Rosu Lup earlier this week, but there’s one thing for certain. I’m much enamored by their gorgeous, mellifluous new single Hem.  Strings both plucky and classical pair with a near folktronica atmosphere. They whorl around brooding vocals and richly lush horns. Breathtaking Hem carries a very rococo style, in some ways reminiscent of Arcade Fire, but flushed with the rustic gloom of The National. Rosu Lup is planning to record their very first full length album. I’m very much eager to hear what likely will be a very cinematic release.

December 30, 2014

With a band name like Myself When Young, one would expect the Swiss female folk pop group to be quite intriguing and thought provoking, which they indeed are on their first single from a debut EP slated for next March. I Wish I Was is a gorgeously baroque and artsy cinematic folk pop song, carrying rustic flourishes of what some call anti-folk plus plenty of jangly, riveting playfulness. Myself When Young’s video for the song is a must watch, adding plenty of captivating charm to the experience of the intricately composed song. At various points on I Wish I Was, I was reminded of a very wide range of acts including SoKo, Woodkid, Dirty Projectors, The Decemberists, Shara Worden, and even Arcade Fire.

February 16, 2012

Boston dream-folk singer songwriter Marissa Nadler has a new album dropping later this year in May. Off of that album comes The Wrecking Ball Company, a gorgeous, slow build up of a song. Her vocals are angelic and hypnotizing. The song is like a beautiful lullaby tinged with tragedy and sorrow. There’s something gothic hiding behind the soft lulls of the track. 

Marissa Nadler recently released a teaser trailer for her upcoming album The Sister. The clip seems a bit off kilter and foreboding, playing on the darker undertones we just heard in The Wrecking Ball Company. Watch the creepy teaser below.