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April 28, 2018

Delicate guitar picks and deeply contemplative, dewy nostalgic vocals tenderize the heart on When We Were Young, a debut single from James New, whom you might recognize from his previous projects like Mumm-Ra and Mirrors. He steps back into the spotlight solo on a tender ballad, whose gentle yet lush instrumentals and soft lilt are like a conjoinment of Patrick Watson’s pastoral charm, Sufjan Steven’s chamber pop, and SYML’s ambient atmosphere. James, who’s written pop songs for artists like Dua Lipa and Raye, pours his heart out on misty and vulnerable When We Were Young. He reminds us of a time when life seemed simpler, when hope filled every crevice of our hearts. And he does so ever so beautifully, too. When We Were Young can also be streamed via Spotify, here.

April 2, 2018

Out of the ever rife with talent town of Nashville, so mired in music history, comes Ellie Schmidly, whose indie folk is nothing short of beautifully haunting on One More Wave, her second single from an upcoming debut EP named Blossom & Bone. Its gentle strums and willowy vocals are joined by dreamy keys, making it a bittersweet and exquisite gem. You can also stream Ellie Schmidly’s debut single from last month, Where To Begin, below, for a jazz tinged continuation of the spell she’s cast on us with her delicately affecting music. Debut EP Blossom & Bone arrives May 11th. 

March 22, 2018

S. Carey, or Sean Cary, the musician from Wisconsin also celebrated for his work with Bon Iver and Sufjan Stevens, among many others, released his new solo album Hundred Acres recently. And today, he’s premiered a picturesque new music video for his gorgeous chamber folk hymnal, Yellowstone. The clip fittingly features footage from Yellowstone National Park, as well as Grand Teton, Grand Canyon, and various other beautiful states. As someone with a deep penchant for the great outdoors, it’s hard to believe that I still haven’t been to Yellowstone. I know what song I’ll have to listen to when I finally make it out there someday. Yellowstone is the perfect blend of everything we love about both Bon Iver and Sufjan Stevens, a pastoral and soothing, reedy and idyllic gem. And it features long time IHM championed musician Gordi on lovely backing vocals, too, who’ll be supporting S. Carey on various dates of his expansive tour this year. Hundred Acres, out on Jagjaguwar, is available, here.

November 7, 2017

Everyday we inch towards the release of Sufjan Stevens’ new outtakes and unreleased tracks mixtape, The Greatest Gift, but we still have nearly three weeks to wait before it arrives to sooth the soul with the esteemed artist’s delicate chamber pop and intricate folktronica. It seems like a long time to wait still, but we now also have Visions Of Gideon and Mystery Of Love to tide us over until late November. Though they’re not from the mixtape, these brand new songs are from a fresh soundtrack for a movie arriving soon named Call Me By Your Name. Both tracks emit the usual tender, wistful, heart string tugging beauty that we’ve traditionally come to associate with this versatile artist and multi-instrumentalist. You can stream the full soundtrack album for Call Me By Your Name on Spotify, here.

May 20, 2017

It’s been but a couple days since a mysterious collective from California named Doctrine emerged from the shadows with their experimental chorale/chamber pop debut, Play. As we expected, Play has been making an indelible impression in the indie scene. Instead of riding out the waves of their success, Doctrine has been kind enough to swiftly gift us a new tune. Who Can Say is just as brilliant an offering. Once again, we’re entranced by Doctrine’s polyphonic intricacy and avant-garde consistency. Indietronica, orchestral pop, and art pop come together for a magical ride that combines the baroque constitution of San Fermin and Dirty Projectors with the whimsical kick of Sylvan Esso. This second song leaves no doubt that this collective, which involves San Diego chorale ensemble SACRA/PROFANA, is one of the most fascinating new arrivals this month. Re-visit debut single Play, here.

May 2, 2017

It’s some fine luck that brought my wandering ears over to The Royal Parks, a band from Australia that began as a folk duo before growing into a dynamic six piece collective. The Royal Parks considers Fleet Foxes, GOANNA, Bon Iver, and Paul Kelly as major influences on their music, and they’ve recently released a fine debut album named Suburb Home via Bella Union. In The Wrong is but one of many stupendous gems off of Suburb Home, an album I found myself fixed on quite elatedly earlier today. The tranquil chamber folk on In The Wrong is nothing short of beautiful and melting. The same can be said of the rest of Suburb Home, which can be streamed in full on Soundcloud. The album can be purchased both digitally and on vinyl via Bandcamp, here.

April 20, 2017

Apparently, we’re in the midst of an Icelandic love affair this afternoon. We follow up on our prior feature Axel Flóvent’s new single with Ásgeir’s latest, a song named Stardust that comes by way of a vibrant and prismatic music video. In case you missed the announcement when we shared Unbound earlier this year, this Icelandic singer-songwriter and musician is preparing to drop the follow up album to 2014′s excellent In the Silence. Get excited for Afterglow, which arrives soon on May 5th. Stardust is a lush lilter and one of Ásgeir’s more luminous treats. It caresses us with its ginger groove and enchants us with an airy aesthetic. In the center of it all is that easy sailing Ásgeir voice, which I can never, ever resist. Pre-order new album Afterglow, here.

April 11, 2017

It’s been a very fruitful music discovery day, and we have oodles of treasure to share with you all. Our good fortunes have brought us to MAITA, or Maria Maita-Keppeler, a singer songwriter from Portland who’s utterly spellbinding on her song Kinder Than Most, lifted from debut EP Waterbearer. This dark lilting, woodsy strumming indie aria feels snugly intimate, yet its beautiful creases are melancholic haunting and tensely doleful. Kinder Than Most’s chamber folk builds with a lush delicacy. You can stream MAITA’s Waterbearer EP in full or purchase from Bandcamp.