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March 14, 2017

Solo artist Haux has proven himself an exquisite sonic magician with his dream folk and ambient alt electronica. One of my all time favorite Haux tracks has to be Caves, a song which has already received some splendorous remixing treatments since the original surfaced over a year ago. The latest such treat comes by way of Miami duo SMLE, who takes advantage of the original’s spacious grandeur and melancholic twinge to create a breathtaking tapestry of sound and vibes. The ethereally quivering chill trap and dizzy skittering drumwork found on SMLE’s remix are compressed and dense, but we’re given more than enough time to breath between dramatic build ups and spiraling drops, too. Any remix of Haux can be expected to be beautiful, but SMLE goes above and beyond on this alternately soothing and frenetic remix. The track is part of an official remix package for Caves, out now on Ultra Records. Haux will be touring stateside this April with a stop in San Francisco at the Brick & Mortar Music Hall. You can also stream SMLE’s remix of Caves off of Soundcloud below.

December 6, 2016

NYC’s Haux has taken my breath away countless times with the artist’s beautifully atmospheric, gossamer stirring dream folk. Sweden’s Samuraii takes full advantage of that silky melting effervescence on a halcyon remix of Haux’s Caves. Samuraii infuses the original with celestial shimmering synths and crisp resonant drums on their melodic bass/chillstep makeover. The airy ethereal, sparse enchanting official edit leads me into a fantastical reverie, one tinged with misty regret yet sublimely soothing. Samuraii’s gorgeous remix is available from various outlets, here.

August 5, 2015

When I learned that there’s new Haux out and about, I knew I had to prepare myself for some of the most breathtaking music I’ve encountered all day long. Sure enough, Caves is a thoroughly melting, gut wrenching beauty, a downtempo indie dream folk gem of epic grandeur. Once again, I’m lost in the NYC by way of Boston solo act’s music, lined with gossamer vocals and generously trickling exquisite melancholy. Adding to the effect are beautiful backing vocals by Othell, or Raiche Wright. Purchase the spine tingling, sigh drawing gem on iTunes.