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April 19, 2018

Like Cassius Clay (aka Muhammad Ali, for those who don’t pay attention to sports legends), Cautious Clay keeps knocking us over with his eclectic R&B, hip hop, and pop songs. The Cleveland talent wrapped up 2017 with a bang after releasing songs like Cold War and Joshua Tree, as well as collaborating with the likes of Petit Biscuit and Bipolar Sunshine. And now he’s kicked off 2018 in a similar fashion with Stolen Moments, an acoustic R&B soul melter from his forthcoming EP, Blood Type. The sweetly melancholic, intimately consoling ballad oozes endless regret. With it, Cautious Clay poignantly captures those crestfallen moments after a heated argument, or that morning after when you find yourselves re-living last night’s vehement exchange. His Blood Type EP will be out April 13th. 

February 28, 2018

It’s been six days since Cleveland’s Cautious Clay dropped his long awaited debut EP, Blood Type, which features a bevy of songs we’ve eagerly featured in the past. The six track release also features this new song, Elsewhere, a rich swelling injection of the artist’s unique blend of R&B, hip hop, electro, and pop, all embedded in an airy atmosphere and punctuated by Cautious Clay’s fluid vocals. Blood Type can be listened to via Soundcloud, here. Support the EP on iTunes, here.

January 11, 2018

Cautious Clay, the artist from Cleveland whom I’m pretty sure named himself after the great Cassius Clay (or Muhummad Ali, for those not versed in boxing), is an undeniably champion in his ring, having impressed countless critics and tastemakers with his innovative form of alt soul and R&B. 2017 was a big year for him. Aside from immense tracks like Cold War and Joshua Tree, Cautious Clay also collaborated with the likes of Petit Biscuit and Bipolar Sunshine. He shows no sign of slowing down now that we’ve segued into 2018 either, having been selected by Soundcloud as an artist to watch as he prepares to release a new EP next month named Blood Type. He gives us a taste of his Shakespearean eloquence on Juliet & Caeser, a lyrically refined, brassy longing effusion of hip hop, soul, and R&B. Juliet & Ceaser is cozy and intimate, but it also has that urban alt spark and gritty brilliance, like meditative paced King Krule, with some Theophilus London, NoMBe, and Bipolar Sunshine trickling through its rolling waves. Juliet & Ceaser, which Cautious Clay wrote and produced himself, can also be streamed via Spotify, here.

September 29, 2017

Cassius Clay, better known as Muhammad Ali, was a legend in the ring. Cautious Clay, on the other hand, is quickly proving his promise as a legend in the alt R&B scene. Cold War may only be his first single, but this Brooklyn by way of Cleveland artist oozes talent on his first eclectic offering. Cold War is a diverse mixture of hip hop beats, smooth brassy soul, and buttery R&B pop, with an airy pensive texture and plenty of nuanced detail. There’s even a fastidious synth line that reminds me of early Grimes, but paired with bluesy riifs and coated in a grainy clinking varnish. Cautious Clay brings together the organic urban allure of NoMBe with the cool saunter of Nick Murphy on Cold War, which feels more like a warm assault of the heart than anything tepid and rigid. You can stream Cold War via Spotify, here.

September 19, 2016

The wait for new music from Washington, D.C. production talent Eau Claire seemed to stretch for an eternity, but that thirst for some slick disco and smooth house has finally been quenched… not by a fresh remix, or a fierce edit… no, it’s been quelled by a two track EP! Eau Claire has presents us with All The Wonder, a collection made up of two glamorous and scintillating originals, the producer’s very first. Room, which features foxy vocals by Camille Michelle Grey and sexy sax by Cautious Clay, is a luscious pumping, shiny chromatic nu-disco and house chimera. The room which Eau Claire transports me into is lit by brilliant dancing flames. It’s a steamy dance hall in which succulent beats and breezy vocals keep us cool. From this room we step into the next, an open air space in which we gaze dreamily into the night sky as we revel away to All The Wonder’s deep sumptuous beats and meditative bouncing chords. Stream that track, the title song from Eau Claire’s EP, below. All The Wonder is also Eau Claire’s debut performance on vocals. Her airy enchanting voice lifts up to great heights of ethereal euphoria. As if all these firsts aren’t enrapturing enough, Eau Claire’s All The Wonder EP arrives as the first release on her freshly minted label, Feed Me Disco. I don’t know about you, but I’m excited to see what Feed Me Disco will be bringing us going forth! Eau Claire’s EP is out now on iTunes.