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April 30, 2018

It’s been almost a year since we last heard from San Francisco’s own Cathedrals, and over three years since they released their acclaimed debut EP Blush on Neon Gold Records. Just as we were starting to wonder whether we’d ever hear from our hometown favorites again (and ready to bawl our eyes out at their absence), the synth and alt pop duo are back with pure sonic gold on new single Hits Me Like a Landslide. Brodie Jenkins and Johnny Hwin even kick the level of their brilliance up several more notches with the exceptional tune. Hits Me Like a Landslide, the first single from a new set of songs they’re finally ready to share with us throughout the rest of this year, features lines lifted from the pages of love letters. It’s also the first single to feature Johnny on lead singles since Cathedrals’ debut single Unbound. Hits Me Like a Landslide is a tidal wave of emotions, a passionately gusting, sonorously soaring synthpop epic that seems to meld CHVRCHES’ electropop with The Naked And Famous’ lush soundscapes and Twin Shadow’s voluminous grandeur. It’s a gloriously gut-punching torrent of tormented anguish, assembled ever so flawlessly with sleek retro synths and the duo’s resounding vocals. DoTheBay premiered the new single last Friday, calling it ‘among the band’s most evocative cuts yet.’ We fully concur with the assessment. Alternate streaming and download links can be found, here. To say we’re head over heels for Cathedrals once again, is an understatement. The same can be said about how excited we are to hear the rest of their new songs. 

August 9, 2017

MOOSIQ MOSAIC : 08.07.2017 – 08.08.2017

Featured Music – August 7-8, 2017
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August 8, 2017

We’ve been itching to share this fresh new music video from San Francisco’s own beloved indie darlings Cathedrals since a fortuitous preview late last week. Now that the video is officially out, we can all gaze in awe at the visual accompaniment for one of my favorite new Cathedrals songs this year, Try To Fight. The single itself is a vivacious carousel ride, or a deep thumping, vibrant thrumming house meets R&B pop hybrid whose feisty snappiness and breathy radiant vocals parallel the same from my favorite Kiesza tracks. Try To Fight is Brodie Jenkins and Johnny Hwin’s most colossal earworm to date. I treasure the fact that it sneaks into my mind and urges me to dance at the most random moments of the day. Try To Fight’s lavish new video adds momentum to that impetus. Together, they’re an irresistible dance catalyst. 

Cathedrals razzle dazzles us with their video choreographed by Denna Thomsen (who worked on Sia’s Elastic Heart). The glitzy glam video is a throwback to the days of Flash Dance and Dirty Dancing, and it stars dancer/model/actress Kylie Shea (who found fame on Instagram with over 137k followers) and Nick Baga (La La Land, Grease! Live, Dancing With the Stars). The video for Try To Fight was directed by Brodie’s longtime childhood friend Jesse Fleece, whose credits include Paul McCartney, Lana del Rey, and Arcade Fire. We’re transported right back to the neon 80′s by the magnificent video. If there was a dance sequence in San Junipero, my favorite Black Mirror episode, I’d expect it might be as vibrantly magical as Try To Fight. You can purchase Try To Fight as a single, here. Subscribe to Cathedrals’ official YouTube channel, here.

July 22, 2017

We continue our journey with San Francisco indie darlings Cathedrals as the acclaimed duo shares a smoldering heater of a new single with us. Johnny Hwin and Brodie Jenkins takes their sound deep into R&B territory with Autumn Split, a steamy bop doused in luxuriant production. I’m hard pressed not to dance my Friday night away to the song, and I’m ready to bust out the smoothest shoulder rolls to its satin chic, snazzy seductive groove. Brodie’s vocal calisthenics on the song are stunning, at times bringing to mind Tei Shi’s range and flawlessness. Autumn Split is about a relationship changing with the seasons. Cathedrals explains: “The song started out as a studio beat several years ago but it wasn’t until we went on tour that our live band breathed a new energy into the song. So much of the new material evolved this way, going from a bedroom demo to the stage and finally into the studio. This one definitely touches upon our R&B influences similar to “Want My Love” from our last EP. We hope you enjoy!” Enjoy is an understatement when it comes to this voluptuous scorcher. Download Autumn Split, here, for free after you sign up for updates from Cathedrals regarding new music, tour dates, merch giveaways, & more.

June 21, 2017

MOOSIQ MOSAIC : 06.16.2017 – 06.20.2017

Feature Selections – June 16-20, 2017

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June 20, 2017

I’m really hoping that it won’t be too long before hometown indie duo Cathedrals perform another show here in San Francisco, because I’m utterly gutted that I had to miss their headlining performance at Mezzanine earlier this month despite purchasing a ticket eons prior. I’d been greatly looking forward to experiencing new singles Don’t Act Like A Stranger and Try To Fight live, but that same morning, I caught a persistent bug of some sort, one which I’m still not fully recovered from today. I’m sure I would’ve been swaying in ecstasy to this new one, With You, too. The latest single is Brodie Jenkins and Johnny Hwin’s dreamiest yet, a warm billowing, halcyon whirring electro and alt pop beauty. We nestle in this comforting burrow of diaphanous synths, fuzzy guitar, and heavenly vocals. The pair explain that the song is very special to them, especially in times of turmoil. With You is a song about finding sanctuary in the person you love, and the sense of comfort and peace you encounter with somebody who “feels like home” to you. As the old adage goes, “home is where the heart is”, and right now, my heart is swaddled in the bliss that is With You. Keep up with one of San Francisco’s most exciting indie projects via their website, here. Re-visit Cathedrals’ debut EP and other stellar singles on Soundcloud, here.

May 16, 2017

MOOSIQ MOSAIC : 05.12.2017 – 05.14.2017

Feature selections – May 12-14, 2017

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May 15, 2017

Last week, hometown San Francisco indie darlings Cathedrals released a video accompaniment for their long awaited single Don’t Act Like A Stranger, and we can’t help but jump on this opportune chance to re-share their gorgeous song. The Dillon Petrillo directed video, brimming with evocative images and awash in electrifying hues, is a captivating companion to the richly layered alt and synthpop dazzler. Don’t Act Like A Stranger explores the grey area that oft exists at the center of desire, hope, and heartbreak. That all of these emotional states can subsist simultaneously is indeed a human condition, and quite often a beautifully bittersweet one at that. In the end, that sliver of warm optimism and the push & pull of these forces is what gives us the resilience to carry on. That seed of light provides us the same sort of lifting elation that emanates from breathy enthralling Don’t Act Like A Stranger. If you’d like to be one of the first to witness Cathedrals perform this vivid aria live, be sure not to miss them in San Francisco when they headline the Mezzanine on June 8th. Don’t Act Like A Stranger is available from iTunes, here.

May 1, 2017

Hometown fans of local indie heroes Cathedrals are looking forward to the arrival of June 8th with great anticipation, because on that fateful evening, Brodie Jenkins and Johnny Hwin will be making their long awaited return to the stage with their first headlining San Francisco show in quite some time. Ahead of that date and on the heels of last month’s ravishing single Don’t Act Like A Stranger comes a dance pop dazzler named Try To Fight. Though this vivacious carousel ride comes as a surprise, we find ourselves falling in love instantaneously with this deep thumping, vibrant thrumming variant of Cathedrals. Try To Fight’s nimble synth arpeggios and Brodie’s breathy radiant vocals even remind us of Kiesza and her spry hybridization of UK house and R&B pop. The single is available as a free download, here. Find out more about Cathedrals’ SF show at the Mezzanine on June 8th, here.

March 25, 2017

We’ve waited, and waited, and waited in eager excitement for new material from San Francisco’s very own bewitching pair, Cathedrals. Johnny and Brodie had quickly become one of the indie scene’s most beloved darlings last year by presenting us with their beautifully unique form of electronic pop, often smoky seductive and darkly meditative, yet oh so tangibly flush with impassioned emotion. We know they’ve been hard at work on their debut full length, and now they’ve finally re-emerged with a ravishing new tune. Don’t Act Like A Stranger is bittersweet yet resilient, a richly layered aria which the pair explain is an “encapsulation of our worlds woven together.” They continue: “It’s a song about yearning, and hope – even in the midst of heartache. It’s about exploring the beauty in that uncomfortable space between where we are and where we aspire to be. For us, it’s a re-emergence, and a new beginning.” The song’s uptempo radiance and sprightly spirit certainly instill in me a warm optimism. Don’t Act Like A Stranger is out now everywhere. Purchase from iTunes, here. Oh, and this is probably an opportune time to wish both Johnny and Brodie a pair of very happy birthdays!