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May 7, 2016

PC Music’s Danny L Harle teams up with Chairlift’s ever fabulous Caroline Polacheck on a new snappy pop gem named Ashes Of Love. Hearing Caroline’s voice framed in the fizzy electronica of Harle is a heavenly intoxicating experience. Ashes Of Love is a thrusting, throbbing hyper active spectacular, a Eurodance meets J-pop PC Music extravaganza. The wildly catchy, flashy popping treat is out right now on PC Music / Sony. 


October 17, 2012

Los Angeles’ HAIM is another one of those acts made up of siblings. There’s no slim pickings when it comes to sister acts these days. I guess musicality is, or can be, genetic? Though the trio of sisters have been working hard at the music game for many years, they still don’t have a full length album out. However, HAIM recently debuted a new song on BBC Radio 1. These ladies have a very retro sounding pop sound. I can hear some 90’s R&B in their music. Stream the new song Don’t Save Me below. The song reminds me of Chairlift, both in that 90’s sound and in the vocals that are not unlike Caroline Polacheck’s vocals. There’s seriously a retro R&B 90’s movement going on in certain sectors of the music machine lately.  

Japanese version of I Belong In Your Arms

August 30, 2012

Yep, Chairlift’s song I Belong In Your Arms gets the Japanese treatment to celebrate the release of their album Something in Japan. There will be a 7" for the single backed by a karaoke B-side. Turns out, Caroline Polachek spent some time in Japan while young. Make a little more sense, yet? Funny, I was just listening to Amanaemonesia last night with my friends and enjoying the goofy dances in that video again. Of course, the next day always brings news about the random acts I suddenly revisit. This is pretty awesome, though I don’t understand a word of the Japanese lyrics. Are they pretty much the same as the original track in English? Chairlift just went up some extra rungs on my ladder of affection and respect with this. 

Here’s the English version: