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May 11, 2018

Our very first encounters with Carmody were her sublime collaborations with Tom Misch, but we’ve been duly enamored by the South Londoner’s solo music, too. With over 30 million streams to date, Carmody now takes a bold step into new musical territory with Singing Your Love, reportedly a staple at her sold out live shows. It’s an uptempo ode to infatuation and romantic obsession, an electronica meets soulful pop dazzler with an expansive sonic palette crafted out of fine textures and sweetly soulful vocals. Singing Your Love is a bit like Oh Wonder gone more snazzy sophisticated electro. Of the inspiration behind her new single, Carmody says: “‘Singing Your Love’ feels like my first love song. I read somewhere that songwriters are always documenting each phase of their lives through their music. I had never thought of it like that before, but it felt important to write about a moment beyond the battles that can exist when you fall in love. I’ve always struggled to write about happiness without stumbling into cliché, but it felt like something worth celebrating, something worth dancing about, beyond the scrutiny that I usually put my relationships under. It also came from a conversation I had on the Are We Live podcast, where I started talking about how there are no songs that objectify men, no videos with men washing cars in little cute boxers. So it also stemmed from a desire to see and write about the male form as a muse and sexual object.” Those in the UK can catch Carmody on tour this month. She’ll also be performing at Barn On The Farm Festival and Wilderness Festival this summer. 

February 15, 2017

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February 14, 2017

UK singer songwriter Carmody initially captured my attention with her bountiful collaborations with jazzy soulful Tom Misch, but lest we forget how dazzling her solo material can be, let’s dive into her first single of 2017, Before You Knew Me. Her satin soulful voice is flawless on this graceful and elegant slice of soulful R&B pop. The minimalist aesthetic of Before You Knew Me only serves to highlight Carmody’s voice even more. Its a slow simmering, soft clattering beauty and it’s out now on iTunes.

November 18, 2016

Carmody, what a soothing soulful voice. ‘The Light of Me’, just released today, is the perfect track to enjoy the breaking of dawn. This track will part of a 5 track EP ‘5 Kinds of Loveless’ and I can’t wait to hear about relationship difficulties in each one. ‘The Light of Me’ is a folk pop tune about a “seeing how that person can become detached as they juggle numerous different lives.“

April 26, 2016

UK singer songwriter Carmody has been intensively focused on her debut solo EP after sending chills through us with her past collaborations with Tom Misch. She follows up on last taste Skin with a soulful downtempo pop song named For Desire. The song is a cool, graceful dive into a refreshing pool. Though a touching aria, For Desire feels like the calm after the storm, full of even reflection and level headed heartache. You can pre-order Carmody’s Skin EP before its April 29th release from various outlets, here.

April 5, 2016

Though some of my favorite recent Carmody tunes have been the chanteuse’s collaborations with fellow UK artist Tom Misch, new song Skin is a breathtaking reminder that the musician can be equally spectacular solo. Tingles inducing Skin is the lead track from Carmody’s debut solo EP, and its a gilded beauty, a soulful electropop ballad that explores the lingering effects of love. Skin’s smooth roll and gentle funk evoke music by TENDER, but softer and more feathery plush, much like WET’s supple R&B inflected pop. Sign me up for Carmody’s self titled EP, which will be released on April 29th.

January 23, 2016

We already know from past experience that Tom Misch and Carmody team ups are pure music heaven. The British acts reunite to send us swooning on new song Easy Love. Dripping in sensual honey and gliding with silken soul, Easy Love is the perfect mellow jam for this rainy afternoon. Drift away to its jazzy opulence and dreamy elegance. Free download, here.

January 27, 2015

Heads up, kids. There’s a new Nick Leng tune floating around, and it will make you drift away with it, too. The San Diego bedroom producer knows how to craft those mellow tunes to perfection, and Inside Your Mind ebbs and flows with endless vibes and spacious atmosphere. Plus, it features the UK’s Carmody, whom many of you already love due to her collaborations with a certain Tom Misch. Turns out, Carmody’s melting voice also works wonders with Nick Leng’s dreamy, luscious production. This one brings me up to cloud nine with shivers down my spine, goosebumps on my arms, the whole shebang. Inside Your Mind will be out Friday on MrSuicideSheep.

December 9, 2014

I’m pretty dang sure there are a lot of happy folks out there today, thanks to the release of Tom Misch & Carmody’s heart warming Out To Sea EP. I’ve spoken to a few people about the collaboration, and it’s obvious I’m not the only one who loves the British musicians’ work together. The final single off the new EP is lulling, subtle With You. It will melt you again with its soulful charm, jazzy warmth, and tender boy girl vocals.

November 19, 2014

I think it’s well established that everyone loves it when UK artist Tom Misch and Carmody team up on songs. To the delight of many, the duo has an EP, Out To See, coming early December. We’ve heard the incredible So Close. Now, check out second track Paper Planes, an opulent and soulful treat full of honeyed, sigh inducing, jazzy tenderness and a weightless, house like groove. Soothing vocals, beckoning guitar licks, and a rich, intoxicating atmosphere make Paper Planes a gem not to be missed.