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July 17, 2017

Unless you’re brand new to IHM, you’ve probably put up with quite a lot of my babbling regarding Dan Snaith’s brilliance of the years. The musician and producer from Canada is responsible for one of my all time favorite electronic projects, Caribou, but he’s also the man behind the groundbreaking music that is Daphni, too. In just a few days, Daphni’s new Fabriclive 93 mix, a collection of 23 new unreleased tracks and four new remixes, will be arriving on our doorsteps. We’ve already heard immense taste Tin, let’s now turn our ears and attention to Hey Drum. It truly is an ode to the drum, a study in percussion, and a heady hypnotic deep garage meets R&B house dazzler. Snaith uses his sonic wizardry to jostle and entrance us with an intricate array of rhythms and patterns, which he saturates with his usual command of spacial texture and stereophonic sound. Daphni’s new mix arrives on July 21st. 

June 16, 2017

There’s no denying Dan Snaith’s genius. The producer and musician from Canada is the man behind one of my all time favorite electronic acts, Caribou, who’s debut album Swim back in 2010 was a formative experience in the development of my music tastes and one of my top albums of all time. In case you didn’t know, the same Dan Snaith is also responsible for the sonic wizardry behind Manitoba and Daphni, too. It’s a pretty huge deal when any of his projects releases new material, and we’re loving his new Daphni track, Tin. The shuddering, trilling jungle and garage masterpiece is full of spatial texture and three dimensional structure. It’s a euphoric upwelling of dance complexity that only someone like Snaith could create. Tin will be on Daphni’s Fabriclive 93 mix, consisting of 23 new unreleased tracks and four new remixes, out on July 21st. Pre-order the mix from Fabric, here. Tin can also be streamed via Soundcloud below.

January 29, 2016

Michael and Josh hail from Edinburgh, Scotland, and together, they’ve formed a duo named EARfATHER, in which they channel some of their classical and jazz backgrounds into crafting lavish electronic music. Debut single Rising In October is a dazzling display of richly layered elements and soothing radiance. The duo consider The Beatles and Radiohead as their inspirations, alongside, unsurprisingly, electronic artists such as Caribou and Mount Kimbie. Out of the aforementioned, I hear Caribou the most in the phenomenal debut, and as a die hard fan of Dan Snaith, I can’t help but fall hard for this electronic beauty. This is one of those shimmering, glimmering chill electronic and dance pop fusions that I won’t be able to resist playing on repeat all night long, its ebbing tides and surging waves a fully immersive, completely spellbinding experience.

September 1, 2015

I suggest you take a deep breath before you dive into the glittery depth of this next one, a spectacular cover rendition of Caribou’s exceptional song Can’t Do Without You. Manila Killa takes time away from red hot duo Hotel Garuda to team up with French artist Kidswaste on the ravishing beauty, which sparkles, twinkles, and flits with airy grace and heart stirring sweetness. Manila Killa describes their collaboration as a very special track dedicated to a very special person that changed his perspective on songwriting and music. Kidswaste contributes effortless, lulling vocals and soft guitar to the chill but cinematic electronic gem, available to download, here.

June 13, 2015

I’m an enormous fan of Dan Snaith’s music under the project name Caribou, and I’m one of many people eternally grateful that Caribou finally dropped a new album late last year. Our Love, of course, was an incredible masterpiece. The second to last track on that album is a song named Back Home, a regal and triumphant number with an abundance of Caribou’s usual experimental electronic stylings, which utilize space and volume so well. If you’re going to remix that song, you’d better do it dang well. Well, kids, New Zealand production duo The Upbeats do exactly that. They turn Back Home into a splintering, mesmerizing, rolling drum and bass monster of an intoxicator. Well done, fellas. Now, I’m curious to hear more of Caribou’s tracks morphed into drum and bass jams. The Upbeats’ bootleg of Back Home is free to grab on bandcamp.

May 7, 2015

Well, hey, here’s a crazy good cover of Childish Gambino’s Sober by France’s LeMarquis. The producer says that he’s been listening to Donald Glover’s music for awhile now, and Sober is one of his favorites. Well, me too! And I must say, I love what LeMarquis has done to the track. Along with its deep bass and bumping beat, there’s an immensely Caribou like style of production on the future house track, with its psychedelic experimental moments and his use of sonic space and volume. This is mmm mmm good, and I’m about to jump on my personal socials to drop this track. That’s how much I love it.

March 10, 2015

I finally caught Caribou live for the very first time over a week ago in San Francisco, something I’d waited a long time to do, after Dan Snaith’s debut album as Caribou, Swim, swept me away back in 2010. It stands as one of my top favorite albums of all time. Of course, we all know that Caribou followed that album up recently with Our Love, another magnificent electronic masterpiece. One of my favorite tracks off the album is the sometimes overlooked Second Chance, featuring Jessy Lanza on vocals. I don’t think there was any other song more amazingly textured and engrossing than that song last year. Cyril Hahn seems to recognize this fact, because the Canadian producer has chosen that exact track to edit, capitalizing on the sonic use of volume and space which Caribou so expertly showcases on the song. While the original is far more intense and urgent, Cyril Hahn’s remix is an ethereal, effervescent, and plush experience. 

January 13, 2015

The last I featured Finnish producer Lenno, he’d given us an amazing vigorous house remix of Caribou’s Can’t Do Without You. This week, he returns with a sparkling remix of Los Angeles band Scavenger Hunt’s debut song Lost. Starting out with a mellow, lulling atmosphere, Lenno lures listeners in and drops a buoyant, thrilling beat a minute in, then accompanies it with some blissed out, dazzling synths. It’s a nu-disco remix that’s thoroughly exquisite and beautiful. Stream his remix of Caribou’s Can’t Do Without You below again, too.

December 17, 2014

The Hood Internet has done it again. The Chicago mashup experts have combined two things I wouldn’t have ever thought to do so. On their latest, The Hood Internet blends Caribou’s Our Love with Rae Sremmurd’s No Type, calling their concoction “Our Type”. Oddly enough, Our Type works splendidly. Caribou’s experimental electropop and house music with Rae Sremmurd’s hip hop… who knew?

December 16, 2014

Though it’s no debut album Swim, little needs to be said about how amazing and brilliant Caribou’s sophomore album Our Love is. I’ve even heard from other producers that they’ve had the album on repeat, and so forth. That Dan Snaith, eh? Lately, multitudes of superb remixes of tunes off Our Love have been surfacing. The latest to intoxicate me through my ears is this version of Second Chance, a “re-tune” by Shines. The Los Angeles based producer twists one of the only vocal centric, wickedly intense tracks off My Love into a slick, hypnotic, entrancing affair. Jessy Lanza’s silken vocals soar over the ethereal, fizzy soundscape like those of a goddess.