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April 11, 2018

A car park normally seems rather boring and mundane. After all, it’s a simple structure that keeps our automobiles safe from the elements, or bird poop, too. I really wish I had a car park here at work, where my car gets bombarded by bird poop. Car parks suddenly take on a romantic allure and a whole lot of magical enchantment as the namesake of Fenne Lily’s latest single. The singer songwriter from Bristol is as enamoring as she’s ever been with her rye, honeyed voice on the folksy strummer. Though Car Park is a gently ambling tune, it packs a lot of restless turmoil and emotion within its poignant yet hopeful lyricism. Car Park’s intimate confession is an optimistic light at the end of the tunnel, an atonement that offers a charming taste of the lauded artist’s just released debut album On Hold, available through Fenne Lily’s website, here.