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April 3, 2018

There’s no limit to our love for Captain Kidd, or that’s what we’ve learned over the past two years from the Ohio quartet’s singles. They reinforce our penchant for their pop with recent single LIMIT, a bass pumping house pop jam whose incendiary heat and swaggering beats are like Years and Years with a drizzle of Sofi Tukker’s torrid groove. Desire fueled LIMIT is one to take into the late hours of the night, when you can dance without abandon in the embrace of dark shadows. Re-visit some of Captain Kidd’s prior singles on Soundcloud, here.

February 15, 2018

BLEED, from Ohio four piece Captain Kidd, is a heavenly aural experience, to say the least. The quartet blends spacey synths with sultry pop vocals on their chill luscious ballad, which was a product of a weekend long getaway to the middle of nowhere in southern Ohio. Captain Kidd explains: “We initially went to the cabin to work on a couple of existing ideas we had been struggling with, but ended up writing several new ideas via some impromptu jam sessions – one of which turned into this track. We wanted ‘Bleed’ to feel nostalgic, like a fond look back on some forgotten, perfect summer day that really never existed except in our memory of it.” Everything seems that much more idyllic when viewed through time’s rose tinted glasses, but we don’t need any special lens to see, or hear, how sweetly intoxicating Captain Kidd’s latest single is. Analog synth flares adorn the bittersweet concoction, giving it an acutely cinematic aura. Sometimes, our memories project in our minds like an old reel of film. That long gone summer’s day is so much more exquisite, almost unspoiled, in the moving frames of our technicolor minds. Captain Kidd captures this perfectly with their affecting blend of alt pop and electro. 

December 23, 2017

We highly you don’t let this “ship” set sail without your partaking in its hot-blooded, pulse pumping electronica and pop. The captains of this rich thrumming, sexy scorching heater is none other than Ohio alt four piece Captain Kidd, who’ve unleashed some serious heat with the groovalicious track. WILD pairs a deep ruddy bassline with a smooth gooey, creamy luscious form of R&B pop, reminding us of Belgium’s Oscar and the Wolf and Australia’s RÜFÜS DU SOL. The house pop track is available from iTunes, here.

November 2, 2017

Alt four piece Captain Kidd, a self proclaimed product of the ever-growing Columbus, Ohio music scene, returns to our radar with a spicy smoldering heater named Stay. The band, which also shares a member with previously extolled sythpop project La Poré, released a noire-video for the song that would’ve been perfect for last night’s creepy crawling Halloween atmosphere. Stay’s torrid curling guitars and synth slinking veneer are like Arctic Monkeys blended with The Weeknd. Captain Kidd is fast at work completing their full length debut, which is expected to arrive next spring. You can also stream Stay via Spotify, here.

October 17, 2015

Are you ready to dance with Captain Kidd? The five piece indie-pop/alternative rock group craft up some delicious electric grooving tunes on their EP ‘Good Life’ and this last track on it ‘Smoke & Mirrors’ is my favorite. They won the Big Breakout Contest for FireFly Music Festival this past June and it’s honestly not hard to see why.