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January 31, 2018

California producer Xan Griffin continues to take us on a magical journey through all the astrological signs with his latest collaboration, a track named Capricorn featuring Los Angeles’ WOLFE on guest production duties. I can’t say I’m well versed in zodiac signs, though I seem an accurate Libra myself, but Capricorn stands tall and strong, just like the sign’s description seems to imply is inherent to people who are born under its dates. Xan Griffin’s Capricorn is a grand and adamant electronic track with high flying, raw impassioned vocals and a chord progression that leads us towards adrenaline pumping heights of triumphant bliss. It’s a twisted dark fantasy, a beautiful and theatrical voyage of enlightenment in an unmerciful world. The track’s dubstep inspired bass warbles churn tempestuously, like an electrified storm bursting with potent energy. You may your own way in this world, as Capricorn’s more than exultant velour emphasizes. Download the track for free, here, and listen to prior chapters in this fascinating astrological series on Soundcloud, here.