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May 11, 2018

The opening bars of Call To Arms are so retro nostalgic and synthwave epic that it nearly feels like we’re stepping into a slow building scene from Blade Runner or Tron, but before we know it, we’re dazed and reeling from a gritty crescendo of rave-y synths and deep rumbling bass. Then a brain melting drop hits, and we find ourselves barreling through uncharted territory as UK dubstep/electro house legend Flux Pavilion and Vegas electronic alchemist Meaux Green serve up a wicked space-time defying anthem. Call To Arms is action-packed, to say the very least. Its vehement trap and metallurgic dubstep detonate explosively, creating earth shaking tremors on a tectonic level. The heroic adventure of a track can be streamed/downloaded, here.