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June 28, 2017

When I hear Cal’s smoky smoldering voice, I can’t help but think of one of my all time favorite Bearson tunes, his deeply infectious anthem, Want You. But now I’ll also think of Atella, the Norwegian electronic duo who first landed on our radar over a year ago with their song Mechanical Sparrow. Atella returns with more of their melodic rippling magnetism on Anyone Out There, on which they’ve now linked up with fellow Norwegian and sultry songbird Cal. Anyone Out There’s electro house and indie dance with a French touch is like Röyksopp dusted with Daft Punk, then whisked with some cosmic soaring pop. You can stream/download the single, here.

March 27, 2016

If there’s any one song I’ve been obsessing over for this whole weekend since its reveal last week, it would be Bearson’s Want You, featuring Cal. I was super hyped up in anticipation of the new track, and the Norwegian producer and co-founder of respected label Next Wave has far from disappointed me with the chugging deep tropical confection. Cal’s smoky vocals round out the lushly springing summer ready anthem, its melodic aesthetics and lustrous brilliance insatiably addicting. Bearson leaves me wanting more, filled with the very desire and yearning reverberating throughout the vibrant song. The dexterous producer’s growing repertoire is that much more stacked with the addition of this new original. Want You is both breezy and exhilarating, befitting of dance floor rapture as well as pop friendly radio play. The song serves to amp up my excitement for Bearson’s first US tour this summer. I’ll pray to the music gods that he’ll be making a stop here in San Francisco.

Lil B rocking it

September 18, 2012

I had my reservations when I first read that Lil B released a new “rock” track far removed from his usual hip hop. When I finally got around to checking out California Boy, I was met with an opening shot of my college (yes, I’m a proud GOLDEN BEAR) which made me perk up in my seat. Buttering me up well, Lil B! As the song cued in, I found myself surprised at how catchy the sunny, bright tune was making itself out to be. Sure, Lil B’s vocals leave a little room to be desired, but hey, this is pretty freaking good! The song is a very surf rock in flip flops lo-fi tune, and it actually works with Lil B at the helm. It’s one of those songs you’ll find yourself randomly humming after a few listens. The continual film footage in my ol’ college town hits that soft spot in my heart. Cuz.. well, yanno, I’m just a California girl. Go bears!