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November 2, 2017

Swedish songcrafter and producer MagnusTheMagnus spruces up our night with plenty of fiery sass and bubbly dancehall imbued breaks & drums on Calling, a frisky fun track featuring fantastic vocals by KIDDO. With all the usual future bass and melodic bass fare we tend to come across, Calling is a breath of fresh air. It’s also whimsically infectious and piquant zestful. Grab MagnusTheMagnus’ Calling, here.

October 31, 2017

Today’s a very special day. Not only is it one of my favorite ghoulish holidays, Halloween, but a surprise new Gorillaz track has surfaced, too! Garage Palace features hip hop sensation Little Simz on guest vocals, and it comes with an awesome animated music video in which she fights zombies alongside the band. The track comes off of the deluxe vinyl release of Humanz, due out as a “Super Deluxe Vinyl Boxset” on November 3rd. Pre-order, here. Garage Palace is available, here.

October 24, 2017

Let’s close out this long and arduous Monday with a truly invigorating jam. Elusive new producer Marinsky alights on our radar out of France with a fresh and funky banger, appropriately titled Rapture. A whirlwind torrent of glamorous disco, spicy electro-funk, visceral deep house, and trendy breakbeats greets our ears as we don our sequined dancing shoes to twirl the rest of the night away to this groovalicious flight of fancy. If ZHU, C2C, Daft Punk, and Junior Senior all jammed out together, it’d probably be rapturous like Rapture. You can snag this foxy banger, such a deliciously flute fluttering, brassy trumpeting, and bass pumping affair, here.

October 17, 2017

I consider Digitalism’s earlier albums Idealism and I Love You Dude rather formative in the growth of my electronic music tastes in the years prior to the creation of this blog. So, I greet every new Digitalism song with much enthusiasm, and I’ve found I’m never disappointed despite setting the bar high. The German duo recently revealed news of a new EP named 5KY11GHT alongside a fresh US/UK tour announcement. Spektrum is our first taste of that EP. Its a hypnotic drilling, chunky jabbing, crisp bouncing soiree with plenty of the duo’s trademark electro sound. Caribou’s multi-spacial approach rears its head on the mesmeric thriller too, alongside scintillating breaks, a trance like sheen, and a robust Jersey club like recoil. Yes, in other words, Spektrum is really a “spectrum” of sound, a suspenseful yet stimulating sonic rainbow. Find out more about Digitalism’s forthcoming spring tour, here. Look out for more news regarding their EP soon. And you can snag Spektrum, here.

August 10, 2017

Some very fortuitous trawling on the internet earlier in the day brought me to an enigmatic new artist named Max Mute, whose Soundcloud history only goes back about four months. I was immediately struck by the earthy, bluesy allure of this mysterious newcomer’s latest single, Waiting, a creative combination of glitchy breaking future bass, and incendiary chopping trap. It’s also a pop crossover ready hit in the making with a weathered, heartfelt charm, plus it’s instantaneously hooking. You can check out more of this intriguing talent’s music on Soundcloud, here, where he has a few other originals uploaded. Stream or download Waiting, which is out on Hegemon, here.

July 25, 2017

I’m sure you all remember Natalia Kill’s wicked hit Zombie from 2011, right? I mean, it’s a sick tune, and there really aren’t many songs about loving a Zombie (whether you want to take it figuratively or literally). AGLORY, a Parisian production duo who’s fresh on our radar, affords us a re-visit of the song with their total rework of song. Tell me this these breakdowns, that dirty bass, and those booming beats aren’t ravishing. Turn it up with some good speakers or headphones and you’ll feel this buzzing, sawing, and whirring track move right through the whole of your being. Industrial meets tech house and gritty grime meets electro on this gripping adaptation. Check out more of these French visionaries’ music on Soundcloud, here.

July 5, 2017

British singer songwriter and musician Rosie Lowe is no stranger to working with Travis Stewart, better known as Machinedrum. The pair have collaborated on music off of Rosie Lowe’s 2016 debut album Control in the past. Rosie Lowe and Machinedrum now reunite on What Is This, a riveting eruption of the North Carolina producer’s jittery glitch hop and finely textured electronica. What Is This is a nimble jabbing yet dreamy introspective affair. Rosie Lowe’s R&B pop vocals add to the song’s silky sleek sheen. You can purchase or stream What Is This from additional outlets, here.

May 24, 2017

Hyped up I truly am when it comes to this mysterious new project Hypa Karate and his debut single, Out Like This. Islandy vibes abound on the electronic track, replete with rotund bass, breezy marimbas, and prismatic synths. Out Like This is a summer dance paradise that fuses house, breakbeats, and trap. Its balmy rhythm will never let you go once its taken a hold over you. I’m certainly looking forward to learning more about the UK producer. Out Like This can also be streamed on Spotify, here.

March 14, 2017

Solo artist Haux has proven himself an exquisite sonic magician with his dream folk and ambient alt electronica. One of my all time favorite Haux tracks has to be Caves, a song which has already received some splendorous remixing treatments since the original surfaced over a year ago. The latest such treat comes by way of Miami duo SMLE, who takes advantage of the original’s spacious grandeur and melancholic twinge to create a breathtaking tapestry of sound and vibes. The ethereally quivering chill trap and dizzy skittering drumwork found on SMLE’s remix are compressed and dense, but we’re given more than enough time to breath between dramatic build ups and spiraling drops, too. Any remix of Haux can be expected to be beautiful, but SMLE goes above and beyond on this alternately soothing and frenetic remix. The track is part of an official remix package for Caves, out now on Ultra Records. Haux will be touring stateside this April with a stop in San Francisco at the Brick & Mortar Music Hall. You can also stream SMLE’s remix of Caves off of Soundcloud below.

February 22, 2017

WRLD continues his worldwide ascent as a producer to watch with Everything, a new original that features British singer and producer Ashdown on guest vocals. The Dutch producer presents us with a very unique and fresh approach on drum and bass with this swift rippling, spongy sleek emulsion. Has anyone coined the term “future drum and bass” yet? Because I think WRLD may have invented exactly that with this imaginative music. Everything is indeed everything… from classical bridges to choppy breaks, wavy synths to silky vocals, it has it all.  Everything is out now on Monstercat, purchase or stream from additional sources, here.