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December 12, 2017

Just a couple hours ago, we were sharing a mighty fine debut from LA singer songwriter Molly Dewolf named 8 Seconds, produced by BRÅVES. The Los Angeles based trio have obviously kept a very busy schedule lately, because they’ve also released a fabulous new single of their own named California. They leave us swooning with their smooth alt R&B and stripped down pop on the stringy lush, electro thrumming ballad. It’s a gorgeously affecting hymnal steeped in bittersweet regret and jaded heartbreak. “We wrote ‘California’ at a time of disenchantment,” the band shared. “None of us were impressed with the state of things and we needed to express that in song. It’s a break up song to the California Republic. Funny thing is, we’re still together.” Stream/download the song via major outlets, here.

December 12, 2017

I, for one, am greatly appreciate that this stunning debut lasts far more than 8 seconds, even though that happens to be its title. 8 Seconds is a moody yet supple introduction to Molly Dewolf, a new singer songwriter from Los Angeles whose music has been compared to the likes of Sade, London Grammar, and FKA Twigs. Molly Dewolf’s debut EP is slated to arrive in early 2018, and we can’t help but look forward to it after taking her smoky luscious voice and poignant simmering pop on her beautiful first single. Its dusky amalgamation of dark pop, trip hop, and chillstep is like Devon Baldwin paired with Echos. 8 Seconds, which is produced by BRÅVES, can also be streamed via Spotify, here.

June 22, 2017

Mysterious newcomer Bella Mer has made her debut with the exact sort of dusky alluring electronic pop that my heart can’t resist. Entitled Loaded Gun, this dark suspenseful song really does feel taut and wired, like it’s placed us at the precipice of a bottomless pit. That gun could fire anytime, or we could fall off any moment, but we hold on, with the fierce grit that Bella Mer exhibits on her powerful ballad. Loaded Gun’s future bass inspired production, which was crafted by LA trio Bråves, is cinematic and dramatic. The song’s twilight brooding reminds me of XYLØ

‘s earliest singles. Loaded Gun is out on iTunes, here.

January 26, 2017

A toast is most certainly in order now that BRÅVES has announced a new self titled album and premiered a new video for their single A Toast. The enigmatic Los Angeles trio will be dropping that album on February 23rd via Rostrum Records. As for the new video, prepare to be fully captivated by what seems like a simplistic scene showing an affectionate couple walking in the a sea of people. But looks deceive, as you’ll soon find out. The rather unsettling and twisted music video is an apt companion to A Toast’s grand resplendent alt pop, which despite its larger than life vibrancy is a deeply mournful display of heartbreak and despair. A Toast can be found on BRÅVES‘s EP III, out now on iTunes.

April 20, 2016

Earlier today, I dove into BRÅVES’  brand new EP II, and despite my long list of music to check out, I found myself glued to the six track EP. The Los Angeles electro R&B trio has meticulously crafted a stunning collection of haunting songs, one of which is a ghostly beauty named Lovely Bones. Glitchy and foggy, complex and breathy, Lovely Bones is a riveting and sensual cross between How To Dress Well and FKA Twigs. Do yourself a favor, stream EP II in full on Soundcloud and purchase from Bandcamp.

March 23, 2016

Southern Californian singer songwriter NØVE makes a striking debut on first song Taboo, which features fellow Los Angeles alt pop act BRÅVES. It’s a collaborative effort full of “special characters”, if you know what I mean. All these accent marks and special characters tend to make writing about a track far more time consuming, but it’s more than worth it, considering Taboo’s sensually bewitching, ruminatively slinking aura. Taboo booms and crackles, a lust and passion filled smoldering ode to the excitement of forbidden love.

March 9, 2016

Today, or rather, everyday, not being a fisherman or anything close to it, I didn’t catch a fish. No, today, a Big Fish caught me, hooking and baiting me with its alt pop splendor and soulful R&B. Los Angeles trio BRÅVES premiered the song as their next single from a debut self titled EP, whisking me away in a feverish fog of dark dance beats. Alt-J and Chet Faker combine, slickly and smoothly, on the serpentine song.

December 15, 2015

A somber yet beautiful experiences awaits you on BRÅVES’ exquisite new single, Dust. The Los Angeles based trio deliver a powerful R&B hued alt pop tour de force on the new one, which, despite its power, is incredibly tender, too. BRÅVES’ spectacular harmonies, intricate lyrics, and captivating arrangement come together to form something quite gut wrenching and spectacular, reminding me of a fragile, tragic butterfly entrapped in a glass bell jar, withering away unable to attain what it most dearly wants. Dust, which was produed by Johnny What, is a free download on Soundcloud.