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February 6, 2018

We’re always serious when we’re deep in the midst of extolling Just Kidding’s suave production talent and exhilarating tunes. There’s nothing to joke about when it comes to the pair’s song-crafting and beats-smithing prowess. This continues to ring true as the British duo rocks our socks off with their new house jam, Indiana, a rambunctious dance floor filler drizzled with creamy falsettos and coated in a whole lot of showy sleek, bright sparkling tropical disco flamboyance. I’ve never been to the Midwestern state of Indiana, and I don’t normally consider it one of the top states I want to see, but this is an Indiana I’d love to make a trip out for. Stream/purchase Just Kiddin’s new track, here.

November 14, 2017

Melon loving, Josh Ocean lead Los Angeles avant-garde project NVDES seems to march to the beat of their own drum. Their ear perking music is always fresh and unique. They truly “do their thing” when it comes to their psychedelic groove and alt dance music, plus they throw a heckuva show live, too, as I myself experienced recently at the Independent in San Francisco. Come December 8th, NVDES will be releasing their La NVDITÉ, Vol. 2 EP, a six-track collection, and it includes this jungle lush groover, D.Y.T. (Do Your Thing), featuring Nashville’s REMMI on piquant vocals. It’s impossible to keep from moving to this playful bouncing, spicy bumping tune, which sort of comes off like a cross between JAIN and SOFI TUKKER, with a buoyant Jersey bounce. Purchase/stream D.Y.T. (Do Your Thing), here, as we wait for NVDES next EP.   

October 17, 2017

I consider Digitalism’s earlier albums Idealism and I Love You Dude rather formative in the growth of my electronic music tastes in the years prior to the creation of this blog. So, I greet every new Digitalism song with much enthusiasm, and I’ve found I’m never disappointed despite setting the bar high. The German duo recently revealed news of a new EP named 5KY11GHT alongside a fresh US/UK tour announcement. Spektrum is our first taste of that EP. Its a hypnotic drilling, chunky jabbing, crisp bouncing soiree with plenty of the duo’s trademark electro sound. Caribou’s multi-spacial approach rears its head on the mesmeric thriller too, alongside scintillating breaks, a trance like sheen, and a robust Jersey club like recoil. Yes, in other words, Spektrum is really a “spectrum” of sound, a suspenseful yet stimulating sonic rainbow. Find out more about Digitalism’s forthcoming spring tour, here. Look out for more news regarding their EP soon. And you can snag Spektrum, here.

August 26, 2017

‘Hold Me’ is the latest charismatic simmering track from the Arizona duo 2ToneDisco. This song is better than coffee! It’s an instant mood booster and gets me bouncing in my car on the way to work. Feel free to download yourself a copy from here.

April 4, 2017

Prepare to bounce straight to outer space as Philadelphia electronic prodigy Moon Bounce unites with New Jersey’s Ehiorobo on an absolutely stunning track named Lungs. Ehiorobo’s soulful crooning and Moon Bounce’s dazzling texture lead us into a fully intoxicating, shadowy flickering wonder world. Lungs never stops surprising us with its quivering twists and trickling turns. Despite all its elaborate intricacy, Lungs comes together flawlessly. Nothing is forced, nothing is pretentious. There’s even a jazzy essence to the track, like we’ve visited a smoky lounge on lunar ground, where gravity pulls us down far less than it does on earth. Away, we float and spin through the air, taking leaps and bounds we never imagined we could before. Download Lungs for free, here. You can also stream the single via Soundcloud below.

January 5, 2017

The very first time I heard of ieuan, I was ecstatic that he currently hails from right here in the Bay. It was but a month ago when he teamed up with Chicago’s Mielo on emotionally charged original Pretty When You Cry. ieuan now shows off his solo chops as the young producer teases a new album coming this May with The Day U Left Me. He even shouts out the Bay on the song as he waxes desolate and forlorn over the torment of heartbreak. The luscious future R&B slow burner picks up a crisp and hearty bounce as it progresses, adding urgency to its roiling emotion. For more of the SF based artist’s music, visit ieuan’s Soundcloud, here.

December 3, 2016

Dillistone is proving himself a brilliant rising production star out of London these days with the magnificent arias he’s been dishing out. It’s been but a few weeks since he teamed up with Italian chanteuse LILI N to romance us with misty beauty Rude, which he’s now followed up with Sober, a bittersweet lilting gem featuring bewitching vocals by British songbird Yellow. Sober boasts a crisp captivating bounce and irresistibly mellifluous charm. It walks a fine line between pop and club, making it so endearing of a jam that it’s already racked up over 229K streams on Soundcloud in but a week. 

October 8, 2016

Though Louis The Child’s latest majestic hit Fire has been taking all the limelight, the Chicago duo’s collaboration with Icona Pop, Weekend, still tends to sneak its way inside my head on a regular basis. It’s just far too catchy of a thriller. Friday night is a more than befitting time to re-visit the track, albeit via a new bootleg of the track by Barcelona’s Kismet. If you thought the original burst with hyper active energy, wait till you hear Kismet’s approach on the track. This bouncy jostling, squishy animated, twerk and moombahton accented eruption of ecstatic noise will certainly leave you dizzily grinning ear to ear. 

August 10, 2016

I’d never heard of choreographer, dancer, director, and artist Parris Goebel till today, but her first song as PARRI$ is without a doubt popping, and her talent game is obviously on point. Apparently, I’ve encountered a lot of her prior work without realizing I had. Parris Goebel is responsible for the choreography behind Bieber’s Purpose as well as a player in plenty of other trending items alongside huge names. As PARRI$, she gives us a whimsical and flashy form of hip hop and trap electronica. Friday is a wildly addictive banger, one that melds Missy Elliott with Major Lazer. Its self directed video is just as dizzy dazzling. Watch below. Friday will be on PARRI$’s debut EP, Run & Tell Your Friends. 

July 8, 2016

The snappy sass and cheeky spice of Mallrat’s For Real is for real contagious. This 16 year old Australian artist first appeared on our radar a month ago with her frisky nimble music. I can’t help but continue gravitating towards her playful and innovative blend of electronica, pop, and hip hop now that she’s given us For Real, a song whose fizzy soundscape was produced by Tigerilla and Casper Zazz. Mallrat is preparing to release a debut EP, and her bouncy light, carefree breezy new song leaves me looking forward to that record. For Real is sweet with a touch of darkness. On the one hand, its a mood lifter. On the other hand, it hints at some hidden dejection, too. I’m mesmerized and addicted.