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September 22, 2016

After nearly half a year with no new treats from Pittsburgh propducer No Sleep, I somehow managed to miss the news of a debut original earlier this month. My jaw dropped when I encountered Born To Lose today, then my heart melted into a puddle to the emotive beauty of this atmospheric future bass song. Dutch songbird Gia Koka’s sorrowful vocals only added to the effect. Born To Lose is a tour de force electronic anthem. It cuts to the bone yet drives us to sweet heights of euphoria with sleek synths and thundering drums. No Sleep’s first original is colossal. We need more originals from this producer. Stat. 


December 15, 2011

Yep, here it is, folks! Brand new Sleigh Bells song Born To Lose! Wow, what’s up with the “Born to ___” songs? How depressing.. we’re either Born To Die according to Lana del Rey, or Born To Lose according to Sleigh Bells. 😉 Oh well, as long as the moosiq sounds dang good, be as dreary as you want. Born To Lose debuted on BBC Radio 1, and here’s the rip for your listening pleasure. Sounds great to me… Alexis Krauss previously said that the new album will be less party, more complex. Sure seems to be that way. Sure sounds noisy as ever too. The new album Reign of Terror will be out in February.