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March 13, 2018

Hudson Mohawke’s Chimes is a classic in my book. Though I haven’t listened to it in awhile, the moment that progressive melody hit my ears raised all the serotonin levels in my brain to the max. And now, Basenji, another much revered production legend, has released his bootleg of Chimes. You should be no stranger to the remix if you’ve caught Basenji live. But to be able to dive into its breaking Jersey Club/garage styled intricacies whenever we want is a generous gift from the music gods. It’s almost as if Jamie xx and HudMo came together on a track. In other words, this is brilliantly divine. Basenji’s bootleg marks the beginning of a whole month of fresh releases from the producer. You can catch the Sydney artist back home in Australia this spring when he embarks on tour. Dates can be found, here.

October 17, 2016

Dom Anca, a young English producer who goes by the pseudonym DOMINO, has blasted onto my radar with a neon dreamy, bubbly vicarious bootleg. He gives Carly Rae Jepsen’s Store a scintillating re-work, creating an effervescent track out of it that seems to blend perky nightcore, springy Jersey club, and choppy future beats, with plenty of 80′s nostalgia. This glittery dazzling track can be downloaded straight from Soundcloud.

October 9, 2016

I’m sure we’re about to get hit by a mountain of All We Know remixes, and there’s going to be some tremendous ones, at that. In the meanwhile, some great bootlegs are already popping up for the latest The Chainsmokers smash hit, including this one a trio of Los Angeles production acts consisting of EARSLEY, WOLFE, and Thomas Gordon. They give the Phoebe Ryan featuring tune an uplifting melodic trap, wavy electrostep, and future pop makeover fit for yet another warm fall day in the Bay. This sleek and cool, sprightly and bubbly remix makes me wish this weekend would never end. Download the track for free, here.

October 8, 2016

Though Louis The Child’s latest majestic hit Fire has been taking all the limelight, the Chicago duo’s collaboration with Icona Pop, Weekend, still tends to sneak its way inside my head on a regular basis. It’s just far too catchy of a thriller. Friday night is a more than befitting time to re-visit the track, albeit via a new bootleg of the track by Barcelona’s Kismet. If you thought the original burst with hyper active energy, wait till you hear Kismet’s approach on the track. This bouncy jostling, squishy animated, twerk and moombahton accented eruption of ecstatic noise will certainly leave you dizzily grinning ear to ear. 

November 12, 2015

While certain Passion Pit news is needlessly lighting up the media lately, a mysterious new production act named octbr is lighting up the music scene with a glimmering future bass and chill trap flip of Passion Pit zenith Sleepyhead. It’s a fizzing, popping Sleepyhead that takes our heads to ethereal, surreal landscapes of shape shifting grandeur and brain jiggling sophistication. If you thought the original Sleepyhead was a quirky study in dissonance, wait till you listen to octbr’s meowtastic flip.

September 30, 2015

There’s a mysterious new electronic act named 19Hundred (or XIX) who’s turning heads and enrapturing endless hearts with their brand of gorgeously uplifting and deeply moving house music. The duo from London first enigmatically appeared a few months ago with a spectacular Adele bootleg that I love so very much. Stream 19Hundred’s Set Fire below, and get ready to lose yourself in its deep dusky decadence. Since then, 19Hundred has finally released a first official original named Oh Boy, featuring crisp, enticing vocals by Daisy Finetto of Mausi, a UK dance pop band that’s been a long time object of affection on IHM since its early days. Classy UK house meets deep summery chill on the soulful house jam which gets a release on October 30th via Soundplate Records. Again, lest you forget, do yourself a favor and check out Set Fire below, too. Your ears and soul will thank you for it.

September 30, 2015

If NRG, which formidably united Duck Sauce, Skrillex, Kill The Noise, and Milo & Otis all in one, isn’t already a mind blowing feat of infectious dance energy and an epic amalgamation of production talent, then this Choppa Dunks Flip will certainly take it straight over the top and sky high with its dauntless exertion and filthy grit. If it’s wide eyed, joyous build ups and face melting drops you crave, then get ready to get down and dirty to the fest ready, bass blasting flip. You can download the NYC based producer’s violently bombastic remix for free, here.

August 20, 2015

It’s been a moment since the world was addicted to that ubiquitous Hunger Games tune, James Newton Howard’s The Hanging Tree, featuring Katniss, er, I mean, Jennifer Lawrence, but let’s bring it back with this freshly minted, intoxicating bootleg by the Netherlands’ Eelke Kleijn.  A hypnotic bassline and heady synths add a new level of baroque darkness to the song, resulting in a haunting, theatrical tech house rendition that frames Katniss in a way we’ve never heard her before. Perhaps someone should mash up some footage from The Hunger Games with Inception for this majestic track.

June 13, 2015

I’m an enormous fan of Dan Snaith’s music under the project name Caribou, and I’m one of many people eternally grateful that Caribou finally dropped a new album late last year. Our Love, of course, was an incredible masterpiece. The second to last track on that album is a song named Back Home, a regal and triumphant number with an abundance of Caribou’s usual experimental electronic stylings, which utilize space and volume so well. If you’re going to remix that song, you’d better do it dang well. Well, kids, New Zealand production duo The Upbeats do exactly that. They turn Back Home into a splintering, mesmerizing, rolling drum and bass monster of an intoxicator. Well done, fellas. Now, I’m curious to hear more of Caribou’s tracks morphed into drum and bass jams. The Upbeats’ bootleg of Back Home is free to grab on bandcamp.

May 7, 2015

What was I just saying a few features ago about digging acts who replace alphabet letters in their name with V’s? Add LVNDSCAPE to that list, because the enigmatic new producer crafted an irresistibly vibing bootleg out of Ed Sheeran and Rudimental’s collaborative version of Bloodstream. The chilled out melodic house remix is soothing yet invigoratingly uplifting. LVNDSCAPE’s edit is a beautiful melting pot of acoustic instruments, Balearic percussion, and deep house groove. He skillfully adapts the original’s drum and bass drop into spurts of frisky euphoria.