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Beautiful Ed Sheeran cover of Who You Are

November 22, 2011

ed sheeran

This is a gorgeous cover of Jessie J’s Who You Are from English singer-songwriter Ed Sheeran. I can imagine there’s so much you can do with covers of this track. This one is a simple, sweet, acoustic cover. 

I may have shared this before, but I’m still so in love with the New York subway performance of the track by Jessie J. She harbors a lot more talent than some of you folks realize. I wrote her off initially as likely another exuberant pop princess, but when I delved deeper, I was pleasantly surprised and impressed. Here’s the subway performance…

OFFICIAL VID: Jessie J – Domino

October 7, 2011

jessie J

I guess they decided to go with a live video for the song. This must have been when she had a broken ankle or leg or whatever it was, when she was performing sitting down in that throne thing. Jessie J’s voice is absolutely amazing, though it’s a little bit similar to Katy Perry’s, but better. And she is extremely unique and creative. If you didn’t know, check out some of her other work. Some of her music has a tinge of Sleigh Bells and MIA in em. I’ll share a fave video I have of hers below where she performed in a New York subway station before Price Tag and some other stuff helped her attain some level of fame in the US, but nowhere close to her stardom in the UK. I’m pretty sure she’s much more widely known now around here though? Am I right? She was the house DJ/performer for the MTV Video Music Awards this year and was on SNL and stuff… 

Here’s the New York Boombox series performance of Who You Are: