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December 3, 2016

Though I had a jolly good time visiting Vietnam and Cambodia last month, one of my greatest regrets during my wanderlust indulgence was the fact that I had to miss Porter Robinson and Madeon’s sold out performances whilst on tour in San Francisco. I can only imagine how legendary the two production heavy weights were on tour together. At least I can find momentary solace in a fresh new remix of their collaborative hit, Shelter, by British producer Mat Zo. Shelter gets a complete makeover under his fine tutelage, turning into a dreamy ambient, sunkissed breezy progressive house track. Golden washed bongos lull us deep into the jungle before chunky synths and bursting beats rev up the energy level on this magical carpet ride through the cosmos. Mat Zo captures the beauty of the original to the tee but in a very different manner with his remix. 

January 9, 2015

A Swedish chanteuse named Lilly Ahlberg recently covered Calvin Harris’ Outside, which of course, originally featured Ellie Goulding. German producer Shoby caught wind of this exquisite, stripped down rendition and transformed the acoustic cover into a beautiful tropical house track. Chill beats pump along with the melodic house remix’s soft bongos and flittery flute.