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December 12, 2017

It’s true, this debut has been impressing tastemakers since the beginning of the month, and it’s rather criminal we haven’t found time to share it until now, but better late than never, especially when it comes to rx Soul and his woozy soulful first single. The Los Angeles based artist showcases some jaw dropping chops and spectacular range on All The Way There. With a voice that can reach Gallant-level falsettos as well as drop to a deep NoMBe-like raspy drawl, rx Soul serenades us with a dreamy effusion of retro/alt soul. He says of All The Way There: “I wrote this song while spending a couple cold months in a studio apartment in LA, with almost no money to my name. Barely eating, scared, freezing, I was thinking nightly about home, first loves, any time and place but then and there. All The Way There came out of that endless cycle of searching for a better feeling I had but lost… how I never quite found it, but I never stopped looking.” You can also stream the debut via Spotify, here.

October 2, 2017

The Fox Oakland was THE place to be last Wednesday when Mura Masa played a super sold out show in the midst of his tour. I had friends who wanted to go but couldn’t get tickets, and I had friends who had planned on going from the moment the show was announced. Sadly, I myself had to miss the soiree, but I now get to marvel at Mura Masa’s versatility as we listen to a new song from Londoner Isaac Gracie, who teamed up with the esteemed producer on the track off his The Death Of You & I EP. As you probably know from our features in the past, Isaac Gracie is quite the bluesy soulful crooner, so this collaboration is quite unexpected. One Night is a sweeping anthem with quite the understated yet flawless production turn by Mura Masa. This isn’t the sort of soundscape one would recognize immediately as Mura Masa involved, but it is indeed a lifting experience with subtle electronic elements melded seamlessly into its resolute and earthy guitar strums. A limited edition 10″ vinyl version of Isaac Gracie’s new EP is available, here.

September 25, 2017

Liv, the Swedish supergroup that involves prolific artists like Lykke Li, Andrew Wyatt, Pontus Winberg, Björn Yttling, and Jeff Bhasker, seem to enjoy coming together for a new release once in a blue moon. It’s always a grand event when Lykke Li and members of Miike Snow as well as Peter Bjorn and John drop a new collaboration, so I was over the moon when ‘Hurts to liv’ surfaced. Aside from its clever wordplay, ‘Hurts to liv’ is quite the twangy melancholic charmer. She states of the song: “There’s nothing more life awakening than the beginning and end of life, love and art. This song is a tribute to my mother and Andrew’s father, who passed away”. “Hurts to liv’ is out on INGRID. Stream/purchase, here.

September 20, 2017

Riley Pearce is having quite a year. He played his first international shows in London, picked up a WAM ‘Song of the Year’ Award in his native Australia, had one of his songs featured on US hit show Shadowhunters, and racked up over 35k views in 24 hours for his latest music video, backed by Triple J ‘Unearthed’. The disarming clip is accompanied by the rising artist’s latest single, Misplaced, a beautifully morose ballad on which his stunning vocals are on full display. Soulful pop meets rootsy rock on this moving aria, redolent of Bon Iver, Aquilo, and Hayden Calnin but with a hearty twang. Speaking on the track Riley states “I wrote Misplaced early on in a new relationship. I was really anxious and unsure of what I wanted and whether it was all going to work out. It’s pretty hard when two people like each other but are so different. It’s a brutally honest song… probably the most from I’ve written.” Misplaced is available from iTunes, here.

August 10, 2017

Some very fortuitous trawling on the internet earlier in the day brought me to an enigmatic new artist named Max Mute, whose Soundcloud history only goes back about four months. I was immediately struck by the earthy, bluesy allure of this mysterious newcomer’s latest single, Waiting, a creative combination of glitchy breaking future bass, and incendiary chopping trap. It’s also a pop crossover ready hit in the making with a weathered, heartfelt charm, plus it’s instantaneously hooking. You can check out more of this intriguing talent’s music on Soundcloud, here, where he has a few other originals uploaded. Stream or download Waiting, which is out on Hegemon, here.

February 17, 2017

A serendipitous morning earlier this week brought me to the intensely enthralling sounds of enigmatic project Mossy. and the only bit of information I could find about what I’m guessing is a singer songwriter and producer is the following on his Twitter account: “the sound of trees melting”. Mossy.’s one song on Soundcloud, Warpaint, feels like the sound of everything melting and liquefying. The song is a razor buzzing, raw searing display of genre defying creativity. Ben Khan like funky guitars and Opia meets Bryce Fox sooty electro soul come together on resolute Warpaint. Who needs actual warpaint when we have Mossy. to urge us onward, battle ready and bursting with swaggering confidence? Warpaint is out now on iTunes