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September 29, 2017

Cassius Clay, better known as Muhammad Ali, was a legend in the ring. Cautious Clay, on the other hand, is quickly proving his promise as a legend in the alt R&B scene. Cold War may only be his first single, but this Brooklyn by way of Cleveland artist oozes talent on his first eclectic offering. Cold War is a diverse mixture of hip hop beats, smooth brassy soul, and buttery R&B pop, with an airy pensive texture and plenty of nuanced detail. There’s even a fastidious synth line that reminds me of early Grimes, but paired with bluesy riifs and coated in a grainy clinking varnish. Cautious Clay brings together the organic urban allure of NoMBe with the cool saunter of Nick Murphy on Cold War, which feels more like a warm assault of the heart than anything tepid and rigid. You can stream Cold War via Spotify, here.