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February 4, 2017

My heart fluttered with maniacal excitement when I first encountered news of new Cold War Kids. I’ve had quite a long love affair with these Long Beach rockers, whose sound draws heavily on post-punk, soul, and heartland blues. The trio sweep me away with yet another exhilarating dose of that recipe on Love Is Mystical, lifted from forthcoming album L.A. Divine, due out April 7th. The scratchy chugging, sooty electrifying anthem comes by way of a new music video, too. Stream Love Is Mystical via additional services or purchase the single from various outlets, here.

May 26, 2016

Out of Quebec comes singer songwriter and jazz vocalist Gabrielle Shonk, who’s thoroughly arresting on whiskey soaked Habit. The song comes as the talented artist’s first indie-folk single, and it’s a bluesy soulful, fiery raw taste from Gabrielle Shonk’s forthcoming self titled album debut, out September 23rd. Though stark at the beginning, Habit soon opens into orchestral lush production, lifting up with commanding grandeur and multi-dimensional resplendence. Habit is gut wrenching yet beautiful, and Gabrielle Shonk’s weathered warbling voice is exceptional. Download Habit for free, here.