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December 15, 2016

I seem to be having a run of bad luck when it comes to my craving to see K.Flay live all over again despite the countless times I’ve already seen the Stanford alumni slay it on stage with her virile fusion of hip hop seasoned, grimy gripping music. Though she graced the stage at Live 105′s Not So Silent Night just this past weekend, I was unable to arrive early enough to witness her set due to a major pet cat crisis that I’ve been weathering at home. I’ll just assuage my aching heart and lick my wounds with the latest phenomenal remix of her music while I wait for my next chance to see K.Flay. Wicked ferocious Blood In My Cut, the musician’s best song to date, gets the Lash treatment as the production duo turns the song into a future trap meets house spectacular. The remix is some of the darkest tracks we’ve heard from the duo, and it’s a “lashing” of sorts that I readily embrace. Download the remix, here.

October 29, 2016

I’m pretty bummed I missed out on the sold out homecoming show K.Flay just played last night at the Great American Music Hall in San Francisco. From all accounts, it was spectacular, which comes as expected. At least I’ll be able to catch the Stanford alumnus and genre bending hip hop and electronic genius at Live 105′s Not So Silent Night festival later in December. In the meantime, some fabulous remixes of her dark twisting, raw thrilling single Blood In The Cut have been arising. NYC’s Aire Atlantica offers up a steady jabbing edit that I find fresh and compelling. This remix stays true to the original’s buzzing edge, but it delivers that shadowy rough mettle with an added layer of hypnotic slicing future bass splendor. K.Flay’s grimy Blood In The Cut and Aire Atlantica’s remix seem a fine way ring in the weekend, right before Halloween. 

September 8, 2016

I’ve been a fan of K.Flay for a very long time, even accepting the fact that she’s a Stanford alumni (and I, a Cal alumni) despite the bitter rivalry between our two alma maters. That’s how ground breaking and innovative Kristine Flaherty’s unique combination of hip hop and electropop has been from the moment I encountered her music over five years ago. Despite this long history, I’ve been wondering as of late… is new single Blood In The Cut her most brilliant yet? It’s certainly her most ferocious and edgy. Blood In The Cut is a seething dark pit of razor stabbing alt pop and strident slithering electronica. It’s also insanely hooking. Blood In The Cut sinks its talons in deep, entrapping you into repeat listens. Today’s moody enthralling new music video calls for a requisite re-visit of the song. Blood In The Cut comes from K.Flay’s brand new EP, Crush Me, out now on iTunes.

August 21, 2016

K.Flay has brought us a very unique and fresh brand of hip hop imbued, pop laced music for some time now, and she continues to push boundaries with her latest track, Blood In The Cut. The now Los Angeles based Stanford alumni just released a brand new EP entitled Crush Me after being the first signing to Imagine Dragons frontman Dan Reynolds new imprint Night Street on Interscope. Blood In The Cut is the edgy first single from the four track EP, an urgent pressing, restless pummeling combination of barbed alt pop and seething electronica. It’s boldly ravishing. New EP Crush Me is available now at