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September 8, 2017

Back in April, Danish duo Blondage served up a whimsically whirring, luminous sparkling, and choppy warbling indie pop anthem named Stoned. You can probably guess around which day in April it arrived. The Elohim meets Charli XCX boom bapping bop has since received a beautiful remix, courtesy of Atlanta beatmaker OTR. Stoned is interlaid with a new dosage of experimental synths and a moodier construction on the atmospheric indie electronica meets future beats edit. It takes on a more celestial timber and a dreamier dynamic on the ace treatment, which is available from iTunes, here.

June 16, 2017

Danish duo Blondage, whom we’ve been enraptured with since they were named Ranglekods what feels like eons ago, are back with a new jam and it fully lives up to its name BOSS. Though we’ve been following along with the pair for so long, BOSS is considered their second official single on the heels of last months glistening, warbling pop anthem Stoned. BOSS is a regal bounding, playful springing pop and dance hybrid reminiscent of

. If you’re in search of your new summer party anthem, you’ve found it here. Blondage says of their bop: “’BOSS’ is not just a song to us – it’s a necessary emotion of rebellion and hope. It completely took over our minds and hearts and ended up wiping all other songs we were working on off the table. We played the song live just four days after writing the first chords and the reaction from the crowd was big. It’s released just a month after we finished it, and it feels more present to us than any song we’ve put out before. ‘BOSS’ had a will of its own, and it had to be set free immediately.”

April 21, 2017

Though 4/20 has already passed, Danish duo Blondage has chosen to release a new song named Stoned anyway, and we’re more than happy that they did. You see, Stoned is truly heady and intoxicating. Its electro and alt pop is vividly textured. I can nearly feel all its whirring, sawing, tinkling elements on my skin as the glistening, warbling pop anthem whorls exuberantly. Stoned is like choppy whimsical Elohim tossed with some boom clapping Charli XCX. The song is a harbinger of much more to come from Blondage (fka Ranglekolds) later this year. Purchase Stoned from major outlets, here.

September 1, 2016

MOOSIQ MOSAIC : 08.30.2016

Featured music – August 30th, 2016

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August 31, 2016

Danish duo Blondage (previously Rangleklods) return as ravishing as ever on new song FLF, a bewitching and spellbinding dark electro jam with some smoldering R&B accents. It’s almost as if Crystal Castles and FKA Twigs partnered up on a dreamy pulsing alt electro aria. FLF leaves my skin tingling and my heart racing, capturing the urgent and desperate effect of falling utterly and totally in love. FLF will be on Blondage’s self titled debut EP, out September 16th via Tambourhinoceros. 

June 24, 2016

MOOSIQ MOSAIC : 06.21.2016 

Featured music – June 21st, 2016

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June 22, 2016

Blondage’s Lucky Black Skirt is far too fine a jam not to share again now that the Danish duo has unleashed a music video for the song. Blondage, formerly known as Rangleklods, cool us off on this hot summer night with their charming tune, one which blends the breeziness of Balearic pop with the spiciness of dance funk. Lucky Black Skirt is like a sexy mix of Foster The People, Empire Of The Sun, and Peter Bjorn & John. “I’mma go dancing tonight, I don’t care if you’re by my side”. You see, I have Blondage, and that’s all I need. The duo’s self titled debut EP arrives this September, and you can pre-order here.

June 10, 2016

Blondage might as well be called “bondage”, because I can’t escape the enticing allure of their sultry simmering alt pop. You might recall that Blondage was once known as Rangleklods. As Blondage, the Danish duo continues to construct whimsical Balearic pop and piquant dance funk in the form of new song Lucky Black Skirt. The cool debonair tune is about giving in to desire even when you know you shouldn’t. I don’t see any reason not to give into this desire named Blondage, whose new tune is like a sexy mix of Foster The People, Empire Of The Sun, and Peter Bjorn And John, with a plentiful infusion of synth splendorous funk. Blondage have a self titled debut EP on the way,  set to arrive September 10th.

April 8, 2016

At first glance, you might think that this act, Blondage, is brand new. In actuality, Blondage is the new name adopted by the Danish electropop duo formerly known as Rangleklods. They make their debut under their new name with a lushly sleek, jungle verdant dance pop song named Dive. The contagiously whimsical song unites Balearic pop with dance funk, giving us a very animated tale about being broke but happy, wild and careless, and suffering the consequences of that recklessness. But it’s a hot summer day, and though it feels as if the world is ending, we just don’t care. Dive’s jaggedly bewitching tropical dance pop is like Lykke Li gone Sofi Tukker, fully alluring and playfully sensual.