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February 3, 2018

Our only experience with OTR in the past was his remix of Blondage’s Stoned, and it’s obvious we’ve erred in letting the 25-year old aerospace engineer-turned-producer’s music slip us by. Just listen to his new single, an electronica and pop hybrid fittingly named Bliss and featuring honeyed vocals by Ashley Leone. It’s a beautifully polished, mellifluously stirring aria replete with both tender moments and electrifying peaks. Bliss will be on OTR’s EP Unfold, arriving this summer. Watch a trailer for the EP below, and grab the producer/musician’s new tune off Spotify/Apple, here.

November 29, 2017

We’re ever grateful to Astronomyy for our very first introduction to Brooklyn siren Alayna, who made a guest appearance on his song Falling Autumn. We’ve been keeping our ears out for new gems from the artist since, and we promptly pounced on today’s aptly named new release, Bliss. She envelopes the whole of our beings with lavish simmering, restless winding R&B soul and blesses us with her silky burning, aerial curling voice. Bliss is sensuous and provocative, yet sophisticated and tasteful. To say we’re utterly seduced and totally in bliss is an understatement. Stream/download the Stint produced single, here.

December 19, 2016

We take off across a dreamy sunset sky as smooth slicing future vibes caress our yearning hearts. The Bay’s own mezu, a new duo on my radar, has given fellow California project gnash’s ilusm a celestial remix featuring Illinois future trap artist Inverness. Not only does the beautiful edit evoke dulcet pining emotions, but the artwork for the track instills in me a deep craving for boba milk tea, too. Wouldn’t it be heavenly to listen to mezu’s rendition of ilusm from the top of some epic vista whilst sipping on milky sweet, pearly rich beverages? 

August 30, 2016

If I were given the honor of naming Softer Still’s new single, I would’ve arrived at the same name they bestowed upon it, too. Bliss follows on the heels of the UK quartet’s debut New Age, which certainly won me over, as well as plenteous IHM lurkers if the response was any indication at all. Sun dappled surf rock and shimmering dream pop combine for an abundance of Wild Nothing meets The Cure like nostalgic euphoria. Bliss it out now via Label Fandango. With two immense songs as good as Bliss and New Age, I can’t imagine what’s next. Twirl with me to breakout debut New Age with me below.

June 8, 2016

BIYO comes at us from Nashville with the duo’s sophomore release, a luxuriant alt electronic song named Seasons. Though they allude to seasons coming and going on the song, it’s readily obvious BIYO is here to stay. After all, their debut single Bliss is a spectacular treat, too. Both songs are smoldering hot and slinky smooth. BIYO’s synths heave lustfully, while their R&B falsettos seduce effortlessly. There’s a funky punch to their palatial plush music that evokes acts like Jungle and Cherub. Their sexy prowling guitar lines render me helpless to their swaggering allure. Stream debut song Bliss below. Download Seasons for free from Toneden.

December 31, 2014

I do so love my gloomy post-punky alt rock music, and Croatian band Jonathan more than satisfies that penchant with their single Pictures. The five piece band remind me of Interpol on the moody song, lined with melodramatic, Placebo like guitars. The song’s baritone vocals are reminiscent of Matt Berninger (of The National), too. It’s an altogether pensive and dark listen, gripping and bittersweet. Pictures is on Jonathan’s debut full length, Bliss, out earlier this year. Watch their new video for Pictures below.