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March 28, 2018

Closing out tonight with something sumptuously dark and gothy, which is exactly how I like to end the night. In fact, I’m going to rush home and watch me some Santa Clarita Diet, because that’s the sort of humor I like too, twisted and macabre. Gothy synthpop queen Zola Jesus has given experimental electronic producer Blanck Mass (Ben Power of Fuck Buttons) an inky droning, ominous haunting treatment on a spectral remix of Please. The gloriously writhing track is part of a surprise addendum to his recent album World Eater, a digital only EP named World Eater Re-Voxed that also features remixes of Blanck Mass by Naked, M. Lamar, and Gazelle Twin. You can purchase the EP, here.

August 25, 2016

It’s readily apparent that I’ve always had a deep penchant for anything dark and ominous, twisted and gothy, but my obsession with such things has been renewed as of late, given the fact that Crystal Castles just released their new album, Chromatics just dropped their long awaited song Dear Tommy, and shows like Stranger Things have brought back a certain interest in classic synthcore music of the 80′s whose roots lie in sci-fi and horror. So when I encountered a remix of UK avant-garde artist Gazelle Twin’s Still Life by experimental electronic producer Blanck Mass (who’s also one half of Fuck Buttons), I couldn’t resist sharing. This sludgy, squishy remix is gnarly indeed, droning and haunting mercilessly, crossing industrial with electropunk. It’s so gloriously menacing, you might want to keep a light on when you sleep tonight. I, for one, will be absolutely fine. I may even re-visit the remix before I go to sleep. Blanck Mass’ remix is taken from Gazelle Twin’s FLESHED OUT remix LP, a collection of “autopsied and re-animated tracks” by 10 exceptional producers. Head to Bandcamp for purchasing.