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March 8, 2018

We aren’t done with our ZHU kick for the night just yet. While we’d love to spend the rest of the night with ZHU and Tame Impala’s My Life on endless repeat, we’re also more than happy to raise the energy level several notches with a hard and heavy remix that comes courtesy of California’s own NGHTMRE. The producer has given ZHU and Ekali’s Blame a raucous and unruly, tumultuous and jarring edit that boasts some nasty drops and filthy chops. While it’s not the most strident and vehement NGHTMRE track we’ve ever enjoyed, the trap and bass remix achieves a perfect balance in texture, restraint, and release. To put it simply, it’s a wicked track. And it’s available, here.

February 9, 2018

21 year old Belgian artist AMERY, who was born to Rwandan parents, says he fell in love with music while discovering Michael Jackson’s Billie Jean video on MTV. That must have been a fateful and fortuitous day for us, because now we get to swoon to the musician’s gooey vocals and vibrant R&B soul. He stopped us in our tracks with new single Blame, a slick pumping, vibrant hooking jam and his third single. AMERY gives us a very unique blend of pop, R&B, and African influences on the dazzling song. Upon delving deeper into the few songs AMERY has unfurled on Soundcloud so far, I found myself dancing in bliss to prior single I Need Lovin’, a chic R&B funk and synthpop bop bursting with personality and charm (and a whole lot of Prince and MJ vibes, too). Check it out below. Blame is available from iTunes, here, and I Need Lovin’ is available, here.

January 5, 2018

An epic union graces our ears as Canadian producer Ekali teams up with esteemed house magician ZHU on Blame. They seamlessly meld their signature styles on the explosive electronic track. Dark syncopated beats, tense percolating synths, and ZHU’s sooty brooding drawl pull us into the future trap spectacular, out now on OWSLA. Blame keeps us on our toes yet seduces us with its torrid, muggy heat. Snag the immense song, here.

November 7, 2017

Orlando singer songwriter JOHN.k has been leaving our hearts asunder since he made his debut with Runnin earlier this year. Not only is his exceptional voice a gust of gripping emotion on new song Blame, but the relatable alt pop anthem and its gospel-like undertones emphasize the torment of heartbreak to tumultuously moving heights. You put everything into a relationship and leave it all on the floor then find yourself desolate and empty. But it’s that same realization that helps you move on and heal. JOHN.k’s Blame is the perfect catalyst to help you “wake up tomorrow” and find a silver lining. As much as it is bitter and heartrending, Blame is also a beautiful and lifting message, embellished with its choral flourishes and dulcet plumes. You can also stream JOHN.k’s music on Spotify, here.

November 7, 2017

24 year old UK singer songwriter Dan Bettridge lands on our radar with his song Blame, a poignant and infectious hymnal that fuses alt pop with earthy soulful indie rock tendencies. It comes with a dark music video that’s the counterpart to Bettridge’s twangy rocking song Heavenly Father, which you can view below. Blame is his second single this year, and it’s a moving anthem brimming with heartfelt emotion. A sweltering guitar solo exuding lonesome heartache accompanies its pensive beats and meditative stroll. Blame is available from iTunes, here.

October 19, 2017

To say we’re excited about rising artist Thutmose is probably an understatement. The 23 year old Nigerian born, Brooklyn based talent is at the top of our new hip hop acts to watch list. We’re still utterly addicted to Thutmose’s last melodious hooking jam, Blame, but new single WuWu is well worthy of some obsessing over, too. It’s a gritty bouncing, spry plinking future beats and chill trap anthem brimming with sleek swaggering assurance, produced by KillaGraham. Thutmose has been on tour supporting pop sensation Billie Eilish on her sold out tour. We expect his buzz to grow exponentially with each passing day. WuWu is available, here. You can re-visit Blame below, if you’re hooked on it like we are. 

September 29, 2017

I have something to confess. I listened to this song, Blame, countless times this morning when I first encountered it. I just couldn’t help myself. And I’m not even a massive hip hop head, but I knew immediately I was on to something really special when I heard Thutmose’s exceptional song. The Brooklyn based alt hip hop artist is already surrounded by a thick cloud of buzz. You might recognize him from Summer’s Gone, his recent collaboration with fellow buzzmaker NoMBe. Thutmose is also going to be touring with pop sensation Billie Eilish next month. Blame may be his biggest release yet. It’s undeniably infectious with its lilting melody and droopy yet sonorous synths. There’s a gritty and edgy THEY. vibe going on and a Kid Cudi mellifluous charm to the track. Blame, produced by KillaGraham, is torridly intense and atmospheric gripping. Thutmose’s vocal delivery and rap verses are on point and tightly riveting. The song also arrives with a cinematic music video, which you can watch below. It’s quickly apparent Thutmose is an artist on the rise to watch. He could very well be the next big hip hop sensation. It’s rare I fall this hard for a hip hop song, but here I am, utterly obsessed. You can also stream Blame via Apple Music, here.

September 16, 2017

Birmingham, UK born newcomer Tailor makes a stupendous entrance with not one, but two songs in the form of a double-A side single. The singer songwriter previously wrote and produced for the likes of MØ, TĀLĀ, Huntar, FTSE and Peking Duk. Influences like Francis and the Lights, Christine and the Queens, and Majid Jordan are on full display on Tailor’s Blame, a dulcet lilting, floaty striding minimalist pop gem. Disillusion is its partner on the double-A side single, and it’s also quite the mellifluous melter, replete with airy synths and intimate heart-on-the-sleeve cooing. Speaking on the release of the singles, Tailor explained the lyrical depth behind ‘Disillusion’: “It’s about expectations, and appreciating what you’ve got. Understanding the value in being realistic and not always chasing the things that might not work out. In a relationship sense, it’s about not forgetting what you have already…and not needing that validation outside of you and them.” On the flip side, “Blame is about taking the hit in a relationship for you and your partner. There’s times when its not your fault – but it’s an interesting notion to take the blame for “us” and be accepting of what you both are as a unit. I’ll be the one to make the change for our faults… it’s us vs the world.”

February 5, 2017

Last Friday, an absolutely ridiculous remix package was unleashed for Zeds Dead and Diplo’s massive tune, Blame, a hit single which blends electropop, future bass, and dubstep then tops it off with Elliphant’s spunky magnetic voice. The five track EP features edits by the likes of Gorgon City, Nebbra, Dirtyphonics, and Michael Sparks. It also features a colossal remix by rising LA project Champagne Drip, an electronic act I touted as a fast new favorite when debut EP Of Course I Still Loved You dropped last month. Prepare for an experience as effervescent beautiful as it is gut punching exhilarating as Champagne Drip douses Blame with a trap and melodic dubstep flurry of wavy trills and wobbly chops. You can download this remix and the rest of the Blame remixes from iTunes, here.

July 16, 2016

An astounding trifecta of talent brings us what is sure to be one of the electronic anthems of this ongoing summer. Canadian duo Zeds Dead teamed up with Diplo on wildly infectious Blame, which features long time IHM favorite Scandipop artist Elliphant on spunky magnetic vocals. Blame is a mellifluous cross between electronic pop, future bass, and dubstep. The monster of a regal sweeping single is available from various outlets, here. I have a feeling some tremendous remixes will be coming our way soon. I can’t wait to hear them all.