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March 9, 2017

My colleague Nick found a jewel of a tune while I was off traveling last fall. He encountered singer songwriter Blakey and his bittersweet aria, Prism Of Love. The UK artist has since been tipped as a major talent for 2017, and Prism Of Love has received a re-issue of sorts. It’s such a dulcet melting gem that this re-launch requires a re-share. Blakey’s foggy sparse soundscape and its glistening production evoke Francis and the Lights with a sliver of Bon Iver. Fleecy R&B pop and tender indietronica come together to tug at our heart strings on Prism of Love. 

November 30, 2016

An ambient R&B display of soul by Blakey on ‘Prism of Love’. It’s downtempo pace lets Blakey’s vocals breathe life into track. The track about the bitterness of love is a follow up to his debut single ‘Addicted’.