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June 20, 2016

I’ve been pretty bummed out for the past hour or so, after my Warriors lost in game 7 of the NBA finals to the Cavs, but thanks to Speaker Of The House, I’m feeling much better. The Philadelphia based electronic producer has contributed a sublime track to Elephante’s new remix package for his rhapsodic sweeping electro and progressive number Closer, featuring ravishing vocals by Bishøp. It’s a deep bouncing, chill luscious house remix that Speaker Of The House forges, one utterly gorgeous and purely emotive. The remix is a free download, here. You can stream the Closer remix package on Soundcloud. Purchase on iTunes.

May 26, 2016

Live 105′s BFD is just a little over a week away, and if I were to select the one act I’m most excited to see at the festival this year, it would have to be Bishop Briggs, formerly known as Bishop. She’s one of my favorite emerging artists this year, having spellbound and bewitched us with River and Wild Horses. Today, Bishop Briggs follows up on those brooding passionate songs with The Way I Do, another colossal song that showcases her explosive moody vocals and her unique fusion of thundering alternative, sizzling electronica, and dusty bluesy soul. The sheer power of Bishop Briggs is a marvel to behold.

May 10, 2016

In less than a month from now, I get to see Bishop Briggs (formerly known simply as Bishop) at Live 105′s BFD festival at the Shoreline Amphitheatre. I can’t be more excited. The Los Angeles based singer songwriter burst out of the gates earlier this year with debut songs Wild Horses and River, which have since received plenty of praise all around from tastemakers and fans all across the board. This week, a new video dropped for River, its abstract haunting visuals vivid and dramatic, just like the fiercely volatile blend of soul, blues, and electronica found on the raw and commanding song itself. At the center of it all is Bishop Briggs’ jaw dropping vocal talent. I can’t begin to imagine how spectacular it’s going to be hearing that voice in person. 

May 5, 2016

Last month, Los Angeles’ always on point electro and progressive house producer Elephante went grandly sweeping on Closer, an original featuring ravishing vocals by Portland’s Bishøp. Fellow SoCal producer Virtu offers up a bouncy luscious, sprightly buoyant remix of the song, taking us to sky high heights of quivering, warbling euphoria with his future bass inspired take on the song. Download the exuberant remix for free, here.

March 25, 2016

It’s been a moment since I’ve shared any uplifting, soul cleansing progressive house, and who else should we turn to but Los Angeles’ Elephante for a much needed breath of purifying energy and rhapsodic beauty? The producer makes a grand return on Closer, a sweeping electro and prog track that features ravishing vocals by Portland’s Bishøp. Feel all worries and burdens slide off your shoulders as you lift your hands to the sky in heart warming deliverance and near spiritual release. Closer is a free download, here.

March 2, 2016

That girl BISHOP might only have two songs out since her emergence less than half a year ago, but she is tearing it up with the two brilliant singles. While the Los Angeles based artist’s second song RIVER is her most affecting track and my favorite out of her two songs (and the one receiving incredible attention and getting radio play), let’s not forget how spectacular her debut song Wild Horses is, too. Watch BISHOP’s new music video for the debut above, and lose yourself in the torrid heat and tight tension of the genre bending ballad. Wild Horses’ assorted palette contains not only elements from rock, alt, and electronica, but it even exhibits much trap grit. Wild Horses is raw and powerful, much like the majestic equines BISHOP sings of on the song. Purchase the single on iTunes, sit back, and enjoy watching BISHOP’s meteoric rise this year.

January 22, 2016

Los Angeles’ BISHOP bursts out of the gates on second song River with captivating energy and robust strength. The singer songwriter fuses soul, blues, folk, and electronic on River, and then she delivers it with jaw dropping, raw vocals. BISHOP reminds me of another brilliant emerging act named Lewis Del Mar on her rousing, burning song bursting with booming, clattering texture, but she evokes some fiercely confident and earthy Joy Williams, too. River is an intense spectacular through and through, a cathartic and staggering force to be reckoned with.  It comes from a sure to be striking debut EP later this year.

July 16, 2015

Oh, look, I’m sharing another filous track. I guess I really do dig this Austrian fellow, who went from giving us countless amazing remixes to gifting us ace original after ace original. Filous has been teaming up with some spectacular guest artists for these tracks too. Also off his forthcoming debut EP, Dawn, is a cool and soothing deep house tune named Better Off, featuring vocals by Josh Roa & Bishøp. Better Off prances lightly and agilely, giving off a weightless, sanguine charm. Soulful, perfectly matched boy girl vocals come together to tell a captivating story of tumultuous love. Filous’ Dawn EP will be released this Friday, July 17th. Pre-order here.

April 4, 2015

Dutch producer Ferreck Dawn revealed Another Day, an entrancing deep house track with a grandiose bass line that reminds me of my favorite Ten Walls music (namely, Walking With Elephants). He also teams up with Portland songstress BISHØP on the uplifting, enchanting gem. BISHØP’s gossamer vocals drift dreamily over the epic song, which takes listeners on an adventurous, marvelous odyssey.

March 16, 2015

For a can’t miss deep house treat, start jacking to Loving Every Minute, from LA by way of Detroit producer Latroit and Portland chanteuse BISHØP. Her soulful vocals serve as the perfect complement to Latroit’s pumping, bouncy bass. Latroit had previously gifted us a sweet remix of Kiesza’s Hideaway, and he continutes to thrill my ears with his vibrant house music. It’s exactly the sort of piano laden dance banger that I can’t resist. I’m loving every minute, every second, every tenth of a second.