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May 9, 2018

I know I’ve already gushed over how amazing FINNEAS was in a church at SXSW, so let’s just move on to his hauntingly beautiful new single, shall we? The Los Angeles based singer songwriter and actor transfixes us with a transcendental new hymnal named Life Moves On as he exudes exquisite vulnerability and heartfelt ardency. The esteemed rising artist, who’s also the genius behind his sister Billie Eilish’s debut EP “don’t smile at me” (he co-wrote and produced hit songs like “ocean eyes”, “bellyache”, and “watch”) just finished up a run of shows playing with Billie on her sold out world tour. Finneas O’Connell has more than stepped out in the spotlight on his own with his string of heart-wringing ballads. Life Moves On is a melancholic love song, a poignantly moving, earnestly affecting serenade by a gifted artist to watch. Re-visit our previous FINNEAS features, here.

April 19, 2018

Are you ready to listen to one of the most hauntingly beautiful songs of the year? I’d normally err on the side of caution when it comes to raising expectations too high, but I have no doubt that ‘lovely’ will exceed yours. And who else would be responsible for the track, but young Los Angeles singer songwriting prodigy Billie Eilish, who’s teamed up with hot R&B pop asset Khalid for the track, too. ‘lovely’ is an orchestral lush heartbreaker with gorgeous, heartbreaking vocals from both artists. Billie’s willowy voice and Khalid’s impassioned crooning entwine to construct a magically alluring but tragically gut-wrenching love story. ‘lovely’ can be found on iTunes, here.

March 28, 2018

There’s a whole lot to take away from our week at SXSW this year, and though we expected some of our must-catch artists to be incredible, some of them simply blew our minds with their ridiculously good sets and sensational talent. FINNEAS is one such artist. Though it was a bit out of the way, we made sure to run over to the Central Presbyterian Church on 8th street for his one set of the week, and it was truly worth the effort. Finneas O’Connell, a Los Angeles based actor/musician who’s also siblings with red hot star-on-the-rise Billie Eilish, belted out some incredibly emotional ballads during the acoustic set, stunning us with his powerful and heartfelt vocals. It was magical, to say the least. Later in the week, FINNEAS played guitar during his sister’s sets (he was instrumental in crafting her debut EP, after all), but we’ll never forget the sheer magnetism and moving beauty of his solo acoustic performance, which at times reminded me of my experience watching Damien Rice live in a church, too. You can feel an inkling of that magic in Heaven, FINNEAS’ haunting and affecting new release which premiered on Zane Lowe’s Beats 1 show. Heaven was also instantly added to Spotify’s highly-coveted New Music Friday playlist. Damien Rice meets James Vincent McMorrow on the cathartic hymnal, possibly one of FINNEAS’ most gorgeous releases yet. Sister Billie may be conquering the world with her pop right now, but it’s obvious she’s going to have to share the crowning limelight with FINNEAS and his profoundly moving music. 

January 17, 2018

Two of our faves from the budding new music scene in 2017 (who are poised to rule the music world this year) come together on this next official remix. SOFI TUKKER, the Grammy nominated alt dance/house pop duo who’s topping charts these days with their latest single Best Friend, has remixed pop wunderkind Billie Eilish’s COPYCAT, and the resulting edit is wicked good. Billie Eilish’s voice has never sounded more bewitching and teasing than on this snazzy simmering, deep pumping house remix, which pairs SOFI TUKKER’s usual deep dance flair with a sexy pulsing retro house vibe reminiscent of Grum. Grab this dark foxy remix from iTunes, here.

December 19, 2017

If there’s anyone who’s had a prolific year, it’s young pop artist Billie Eilish, whose rise has been nothing short of meteoric since she released Ocean Eyes a a couple years back. Over the summer, the Los Angeles based singer songwriter released her ‘dont smile at me’ EP to much commendation and adoration. She closes out the year with a fresh new tune named &burn, a  velutinous then jittery re-invention of her ‘dont smile at me’ song ‘watch’, featuring American rapper Vince Staples on additional guest vocals. It’s quite the haunting and scintillating beauty, as Billie Eilish songs tend to be. ‘dont smile at me’ is available from iTunes, here.

December 13, 2017

Aside from how amazing young teenage pop sensation Billie Eilish tends to be, if there’s anything else we learned this year, it’s that the fast rising Los Angeles star’s music also lends itself perfectly to discerning remix efforts. Los Angeles based producer, singer, and multimedia artist Xie is responsible for one of our favorite Billie Eilish remixes to crop up in recent months. She’s given Watch a finely nuanced, chill intoxicating future pop edit that really complements Billie’s svelte vocals. Xie’s remix is nothing short of gorgeous, a sparkling, glimmering beauty of a celestial transformation. It’s a free download, here.

December 5, 2017

I’m always going to have a soft spot for Ocean Eyes, LA pop wunderkind Billie Eilish’s breakout single, a lissome billowing, tenderly heartbreaking ballad that spawned an immense remix by Astronomyy and reeled in a bounteous number of fans, many of them fellow artists, bands, and musicians, too. Popscene head honcho Aaron Axelsen, an astute DJ who’s also music director at Live 105, dropped on a cover of Ocean Eyes by San Francisco’s very own Geographer last Friday night. The moment I heard it, I was blown away by its synth roiling beauty. Geographer has been one of our favorites since before IHM even existed, and I was ecstatic that Michael Deni had recorded such a magical rendition of the pop song. His fleecy cooing and misty swelling electronic production is perfect for Ocean Eyes. A dewy wistfulness and a soft melancholy overtakes our hearts as we sway to his halcyon cover. Geographer says he fell in love with the song recently, and he posted a video of himself performing it on his Instagram. He enjoyed playing it so much that he immediately sat down and made this “weird oceanic synth slow simmer cover” of the song with his favorite synths. Make sure you check out Geographer’s latest originals on Soundcloud, here.

November 23, 2017

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Featured Music – November 16-22, 2017
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November 16, 2017

Young pop sensation Billie Eilish has made this Wednesday that much more special by surprising us with a brand new song. Her swift ascent to pop stardom continues to gain momentum after the release of renowned debut EP ‘dont smile at me’ with the droopy downtempo vibes found on ‘bitches broken hearts’, a murky aching, gossamer wafting slow burner of a chill wispy pop meets ambient R&B soul ballad. A sublime piano solo closes out the stand along single’s vaporous stroll. Her brother Finneas, also a much lauded artist who’s made requisite appearances on IHM, co-produced the song alongside Los Angeles based OWSLA-affiliated producer Emmit Fenn. Re-visit Billie Eilish’s prior releases via Soundcloud, here.

September 21, 2017

It’s been a year since FINNEAS, or Finneas O’Connell, has given us new music. The musician, who’s also a member of The Slightlys and is an actor best known for his role on Glee, invited us into a molten world made up of sultry pop and jazzy brooding blues on New Girl. So what has he been up to all this time? Turns out, you might know who FINNEAS’ sister is, and he’s been helping on the writing and production ends of her music. Remember how Billie Eilish just released her long awaited debut EP, ‘don’t smile at me’? Guess who her brother is? I was pleasantly surprised by this news. Perhaps some of you already knew, but I sure didn’t. Despite how busy FINNEAS must have been working with Billie Eilish, he also crafted some fine new music of his own. Our first taste of that music is a heartfelt, heartbreaking pop hymnal named I’m In Love Without You, featuring creamy impassioned vocals and a gorgeously produced, richly soldered soundscape. Maybe someday, this musically talented brother sister pair will do a song together. One can hope. Snag I’m In Love Without You, here.