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April 7, 2016

Big Grams (Phantogram and Big Boi) teamed up with Skrillex on their vivacious and ferocious jam Drum Machine on their debut EP. Drum Machine gets a smoothed out and graceful edit on this remix by New York’s Fareoh. The chill progressive and electro take on the snarling tune sends shivers through my soul with its crisp and atmospheric scope. I’m ready to launch myself into some epic dreams tonight after listening to this magnificent remix, a part of the Drum Machine remix EP out on iTunes.

April 3, 2016

I’m one of those huge fans of Phantogram that went wild when the news first hit about a Phantogram and Big Boi collaborative mini-album. Every track off the subsequent Big Grams EP is fabulous, including their snarling fierce collaboration with Skrillex, a funky hip hop and booming electronic marvel named Drum Machine. The uber fun new music video for Drum Machine leads us to a requisite re-share and an essential dance around the room with the tune today. Not only does the tongue in cheek video feature some major bad-assery represented by its attitude resplendent furries, but I’m much content with the ending, when they reveal who’s underneath each of these costumes and break some stereotypes that likely shouldn’t exist in the first place. In order to avoid any spoilers, I won’t mention names, but let me throw a fist up for “girl power”, at the risk of giving it all away. If you haven’t checked out Big Grams’ EP, you can snag it now from iTunes.

September 24, 2015

We all knew for some time now that a collaborative project between Big Boi and Phantogram would be pretty epic, but did we expect it to be this level of phenomenal goodness? Big Grams continues to reveal the songs off their self titled release with the latest spectacular treat a funky hip hop tune named Goldmine Junkie. So far, the songs have been very versatile with very different style of sound. Goldmine Junkie is a little more old school on the hip hop spectrum, and a lot more chill on the production side. Icing on the cake? Some pretty spunky vocals by Sarah Barthel, a sweet treat indeed. Pre-order Big Grams’ self titled 7 track EP on iTunes. Or snag a CD on Amazon, like I just did. I’m already halfway in love with the record, anyway, after the three songs we’ve heard.

September 19, 2015

Big Grams, the collaborative project formed by Big Boi and Phantogram, has shared another track off the EP they’ll be releasing September 25th. While the first magnificent track we heard from Big Grams was a swaggerying, choppy, hip hop heavy delight named Fell In The Sun, new reveal Lights On is much sleeker, going in a direction that isn’t quite Phantogram, not quite Big Boi till the rap verse kicks in three quarters of the way through. Lights On is an electronic pop song with more honey, more pep, and much more rounded synths. At times, it even reminds me of K.Flay’s music, but crisper. And, yes, it’s wonderfully catchy. Pre-order Big Grams’ self titled EP on iTunes. 

September 11, 2015

The other day, I said something poetic, or rather, not so poetic but very blunt, about how anything that involves Phantogram is dope. Case in point, Big Grams. Fans of Big Boi and Phantogram likely know and have been waiting for this project, a combination of the two’s trip hop and hip hop tendencies. Finally, today, we get to hear a first track from Big Grams, a swaggering, choppy track named Fell In The Sun. It’s exactly what I’d imagine Big Grams would sound like. It’s no surprise that Phantogram’s style of electronic pop music fits perfectly with hip hop, and Sarah Barthel’s voice is always such a treat. Fell In The Sun is basically a Phantogram song with the addition of Big Boi’s rapping. Big Grams will be dropping a self titled EP on big release date September 25th, and it’s available to pre-order, now. Is it going to be sick? Yes. Most definitely.